Live White

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Live White
Live album by Sunn O)))
Released 2004
Recorded July 28, 2004
Genre Drone doom
Length 84:43
Sunn O))) chronology
Live White

Live White is a live album by Sunn O))), recorded at the Northsix in Brooklyn, New York. The first five tracks are from White1 and White2.[citation needed] "NN O)))" is from ØØ Void, and "Death Becomes You" is from Flight of the Behemoth. "Caveman Salad" would later become "Orthodox Caveman" on Black One.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one
No. Title Length
1. "B-Alien Skeleton" 14:06
2. "Space Bacon Tractor" 10:04
3. "Intone" 2:54
4. "Hell-O)))-Ween" 9:13
5. "B-Witch" 8:21
6. "NN O)))" 7:53
7. "Death Becomes You" 3:27
8. "Caveman Salad" 2:50
9. "Grease Fire" 3:15
10. "Bathory, a Tribute to..." 5:22
Disc two
No. Title Length
1. "Funerældrone" 5:39
2. "Funerælmarch (to the Grave)" 11:39

Live White musicians[edit]