Ludvig Strigeus

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Ludvig Strigeus
Born (1981-01-15) January 15, 1981 (age 34)
Residence Sweden Gothenburg, Sweden
Occupation Software Engineer, Spotify AB
Known for µTorrent and other software

Ludvig Strigeus (ludde) is a Swedish programmer best known for developing software such as the BitTorrent client µTorrent, OpenTTD, and ScummVM. He has a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering degree from Chalmers University of Technology and is currently employed as a software engineer at Spotify AB.

His team won PuzzleCrack in 2005.

He was born in January 1981 and lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.


  • µTorrent - small footprint BitTorrent client for Microsoft Windows and OS X (closed-source) [1]
  • ScummVM - interpreter of adventure game engines, most notably LucasArts's SCUMM [2]
  • OpenTTD - engine of Transport Tycoon game improved in many ways over the original (with functions of TTDPatch implemented and improved, like multiplayer)
  • Ports of Dr. Mario and Kwirk for the TI-89 calculator [3]
  • "The Idiot" - card game for Windows [4]
  • WebWorks - a text HTML editor [5]
  • Spotiamp - a lightweight Spotify Premium client for Windows, created as a tribute to Winamp [6] [7]

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