Ludvig Strigeus

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Ludvig Strigeus
Born (1981-01-15) 15 January 1981 (age 43)
Occupation(s)Software engineer, Spotify AB
Known forμTorrent
other software

Ludvig "Ludde" Strigeus (born January 1981) is a Swedish programmer, best known for developing software such as the BitTorrent client μTorrent, OpenTTD, and Spotify.

Early life and education[edit]

Strigeus was born in January 1981, and he graduated from Chalmers University of Technology with a master's degree in computer science and engineering.[1]


He currently works as a software engineer at Spotify. In 2005, his development team won PuzzleCrack, a week-long puzzlehunt competition that combines problem-solving with computer hacking.

Ludvig Strigeus was awarded the 2006 John Ericsson (sv) Medal,[2] the 2011 Tenzingpriset,[3][4][5] 2015 honorary doctorate,[2] and the 2020 Polhem Prize.[6] In 2023 Ludvig was elected fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences[7]

Personal life[edit]

He currently resides in Gothenburg, Sweden. Due to a rare muscular disease, Strigeus uses a wheelchair.[8][9]



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