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The Mobile Softee headquarters in Fo Tan
The Mobile Softee in Sham Shui Po
The somewhat faded menu of Mister Softee

Mobile Softee (雪糕車) is an ice cream vendor in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, Mister Softee (Chinese: 富豪雪糕), owned by the Ng Enterprises Ltd., consists of a number of ice cream trucks. The red, white, and blue exterior of the trucks together with The Blue Danube tune they play are part of the collective memory of many Hong Kongers. Mister Softee's Hong Kong operation was renamed to Mobile Softee in 2010.

The first truck, which had been imported from England, began to operate in 1970. Today the company has 14 ice cream vans running on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. The headquarters of the company is located in Fo Tan.

As the Hong Kong Government has stopped the issue of new hawking licenses since 1978, and the existing licenses cannot be transferred to other vehicles, the old trucks are still running on the roads of Hong Kong. Each van, as required by the law, comprises a soft ice cream making machine, a basin, and two refrigerators.

The trucks sell only four products:

The red-white-blue vans also began to be seen in Shanghai in 1994, and number to 18 as of August 2005.