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Drumstick is the brand name for a variety of ice cream cones sold in the United States, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and other countries across the world. The original product was invented by I.C. Parker of The Drumstick Company of Fort Worth, Texas in 1928.[1][2][3]

A typical Drumstick-brand ice cream cone consists of a waffle cone filled with ice cream topped with a hardened chocolate shell and nuts, and much later, with a chocolate lined cone, a chunk of chocolate at the bottom of the cone. Drumsticks are available from a variety of supermarkets, as well as most convenience stores in countries where sold.

Other varieties of Drumstick include caramel and fudge-filled cones, Mint Chocolate Crunch, Cookies and Cream Crunch, and simply dipped, cones filled with caramel, chocolate and plain vanilla are also found.

Nestlé Drumstick[edit]

One of the most popular brands of drumstick ice cream is Nestlé. "Forever Summer" is the tagline of this brand.


Nestlé Drumstick originated in 1904 at the World’s Fair. An ice cream maker at the fair discovered that he ran out of bowls to serve ice cream in. He still had ice cream to sell, so he asked a waffle vendor to roll some waffles into cones for his ice cream. His ice cream sold and it became a finger food. In 1928, the Parker Brothers, Bruce, I.C. and J.T. added to the invention by adding a chocolate coating with nuts to it. One of the brothers’ wives said that this invention looked like a chicken leg. That is where the term ‘drumstick’ came from.

Nestlé Drumstick flavours[edit]

  • Classic
  • Simple Dipped
  • Pretzel Dipped
  • Crunch Dipped
  • Cookie Dipped
  • Lil’ Drums
  • Sprinkled!
  • Super Nugget
  • King Size
  • Variety packs

Popular culture[edit]

1M Fan Milestone[edit]

In October 2012, Nestlé Drumstick hit the 1 million mark on their Facebook page. They celebrated the social achievement with a musical ode to their fans in a music video ‘The Drumstick Ode to One Million Fans,’ thanking fans from specific cities and states and “raising a cone” to them. In the video, Nick Marzock, plays a ukulele while calling out names of real users who’ve liked Drumsticks on Facebook.

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