Mob (slamball team)

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Founded 2001
League SlamBall
Team history Played in the inaugural SlamBall season in 2002.
Based in

Los Angeles, California

 United States

Black, red

Head coach Brendan Kirsch
Championships 1
Website Mob

The Mob are one of six teams currently competing in SlamBall.[1]


Confrontation between Rob Wilson and Mob player Kevin Cassidy.

The Mob (then Chicago Mob) were one of the first two slamball teams with the then Los Angeles Rumble whom they played a series of exhibition games with, which the Mob ended up winning.[2] They were later joined by the Diablos, Steal, Slashers, and Bouncers for the first ever season of Slamball. The Mob finished with a 4–5 record in the first season, just missing the playoffs. However, the next year, they won their Division and went to the playoffs but lost in the first round to the Riders, who went on to win the championship. Slamball then went on hiatus until 2008,[3] when the Mob returned to the playoffs but again lost in the first round to the Slashers, who later won the championship.[4]


Year Record Post season Coach Place
2002 4–5 Did not make playoffs 5th place
2003 7–3 L vs. Riders 3rd place
2008 7–5 L vs. Slashers 3rd place
Total 18–13 2–2
Original Mob Team


Head Coaches[edit]

Coach Record Post season Seasons
Brendan Kirsch 18–13 2–2 4

Current Roster[edit]

Mob Roster
  • 24 Noah Ballou
  • 51 Chris Campbell


  • 3 Sean Jackson
  • 99 Lamonica Garrett
  • 5 Mike Banks
  • 66 Noah 'Slamderson' Sanderson
  • 19 Austin 'Lambchop' Alderdice


  • 9 Jeff Morgan
  • 32 Delmonte Blackwell
  • 8 Chris Robbins