Maulers (slamball team)

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Founded 2002 (as the Steal)
League SlamBall
Team history Formerly known as the Steal
Based in

Los Angeles, California

 United States

Brown, white

Head coach John Starks
Championships None
Website Maulers

The Maulers are one of six teams currently competing in Slamball, formerly known as the Steal.


The Steal joined the league for its inaugural season and competed with the Mob, Diablos, Slashers, Rumble and Bouncers. They made the playoffs but were eliminated by the Rumble. The next year they failed to make the playoffs with a 2–8 record and Slamball went on hiatus until 2008. When Slamball returned the Steal were forced to change their name to the Maulers due to legal issues. That season they finished a game out of the playoffs with a 5–7 record.

Current Mauler player 'Shakes' Fletcher in training camp 2002

Current Roster[edit]

Maulers Roster
  • 21 Michael Goldman
  • 1 Anthony Drejaj


  • 8 Stan Fletcher
  • 52 Bryce Arledge
  • 98 Craig Johnson
  • 6 Matt Cummings


  • 32 David Redmond
  • 5 Ramal Goodrich