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National Executive Board
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OwnerBoy Scouts of America
CreatedNovember 28, 1911
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The National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America governs the Boy Scouts of America organization. One source reports that there were 72 members of the board in 2001.[1]

The board is led by the national president, a volunteer elected by the National Council. Board members include regular elected members, regional presidents, and up to five appointed youth members. The Chief Scout Executive is the board secretary and non-voting member. The National Executive Board has a number of standing committees that correspond to the professional staff organization of the National Council.

Establishment in statute[edit]

The statute authorizing the federal charter[2] (36 USC 309) to the BSA provides that "An executive board composed of citizens of the United States is the governing body of the corporation. The number, qualifications, and term of office of members of the board are as provided in the bylaws. A vacancy on the board shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the board."[2] The Executive Board is also required to hold annual meetings and to submit annual reports to the US Congress.


Bylaws provide that membership will include:[3]

Current and former members[edit]

Current notable members of the National Executive Board include Ernst & Young CEO James Turley, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, and former Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson.[4]

Former members of the NEB include former presidential nominee Mitt Romney[5] and late LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson.[6]

2011 National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America

Jon E. Barfield
David L. Beck
Donald D. Belcher
R. Thomas Buffenbarger
B. Howard Bulloch
Richard L. Burdick
Anderson W. Chandler
Dennis H. Chookaszian
Keith A. Clark
D. Kent Clayburn
Ronald O. Coleman
Philip M. Condit
William F. “Rick” Cronk
John C. Cushman III
R. Michael Daniel
Ralph de la Vega
Douglas H. Dittrick
John R. Donnell Jr.
Terrence P. Dunn (VP)
L. B. Eckelkamp Jr.

George F. Francis III
Jack D. Furst (VP)
T. Michael Goodrich
John Gottschalk
Earl G. Graves
Stephen G. Hanks
Michael D. Harris, Esq.
J. Brett Harvey
Aubrey B. Harwell Jr.
Stephen Hemsley
Larry W. Kellner
Lyle R. Knight (VP)
Robert J. LaFortune
Joseph P. Landy
Mark P. Mays
Robert J. Mazzuca
Francis R. McAllister
Drayton McLane Jr. (VP)
Ronald K. Migita

Douglas B. Mitchell
Thomas S. Monson
José F. Niño
Scott D. Oki
Francis H. Olmstead Jr.
Arthur F. Oppenheimer
Bruce D. Parker (VP)
Aubrey B. Patterson
Tico A. Perez (National Commissioner)
Wayne M. Perry (National President)
Christian H. Poindexter
Frank Ramirez
Robert H. Reynolds
Roy S. Roberts
Steven R. Rogel
James D. Rogers
Matthew K. Rose (VP)
Henry A. Rosenberg Jr. (VP)
Nathan O. Rosenberg (VP)
Eric Schultz (Regional President)

O. Temple Sloan Jr. (VP)
Marshall M. Sloane
Charles H. Smith
John F. Smith
Wesley J. Smith (Regional President)
Roland Smith
Randall L. Stephenson (VP)
Rex W. Tillerson
C. Travis Traylor Jr.
James S. Turley (International Commissioner)
Gerald J. Voros
David M. Weekley
Steven E. Weekes
Gary E. Wendlandt
Togo D. West Jr.
Brian Williams (Regional President)
James S. Wilson
R. Ray Wood
Thomas R. Yarboro (Regional President)

Executive committee[edit]

Per the by-laws, the executive committee is:

  • the President, currently Jim Turley
  • the immediate past President, currently Randall Stephenson
  • the executive vice-president and the vice-presidents. In 2011, BSA vice presidents included Terrence P. Dunn, Randall L. Stephenson, Lyle R. Knight, Nathan O. Rosenberg, Jack D. Furst, O. Temple Sloan Jr., Earl G. Graves, Drayton McLane Jr., Bruce D. Parker, Matthew K. Rose, Henry A. Rosenberg Jr.
  • the regional presidents, Brian Williams (Central), Wesley J. Smith (Western), Eric Schultz (North-East), Thomas R. Yarboro (Southern)
  • the international commissioner, Jim Turley
  • the national commissioner, Charles W. Dahlquist II
  • the treasurer, Joseph P. Landy
  • the assistant treasurers, R. Thomas Buffenbarger
  • the chairman of the Advisory Council, R. Michael Daniel
  • the Chief Scout Executive, Michael B. Surbaugh

Annual meetings[edit]

The board is required to hold annual meetings. The 2012 National Annual Meeting occurred May 30–June 1 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Kissimmee, Florida. The 2013 National Annual Meeting was scheduled for May 22–24 at the Gaylord Texan Hotel, Grapevine, Texas.[7]


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