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This is a list of protected areas in Peru.

Natural heritage[edit]

View of the beach in Punta Sal.

The Constitution of Peru of 1993 recognized the natural resources and ecosystem variety of its country as a heritage.[1] In 1990, the National System of Natural Areas that are protected by the Government (SINANPE) was created.[2] This entity depends on the National Service of Protected Areas by the State (SERNANP), Ministry of Environment.

Peru has 75 natural protected areas (15.21% of the country surface area[3]) that are preserved by the National Government: 12 national parks, 9 national sanctuaries, 4 historical sanctuaries, 15 national reserves, 3 wildlife refuges, 2 landscape reserves, 8 communal reserves, 6 protected forests, 2 hunting enclosed lands and 14 reserved zones. A map was also created containing the natural protected areas.[4]

Peru is considered to be among 17 of the most megadiverse countries in the world.[5] With over 1,700 species of birds, it has the world's second most diverse avian community, after Colombia.[6]

National Parks are places where the wild flora and fauna are protected and preserved. Natural resources exploitation and human settlements are forbidden.

National System of Natural State Protected Areas[edit]

National parks[edit]

National reserves[edit]

National sanctuaries[edit]

National sanctuaries are areas of national importance for the protection of the habitat of specific species of flora and fauna, and natural formations of scientific or scenic interest.[2]

Historical sanctuaries[edit]

Machu Picchu

Wildlife refuges[edit]

Landscape reserves[edit]

Communal reserves[edit]

Communal reserves are conservation areas for flora and fauna, allowing traditional use for the rural populations surrounding the areas. The use and marketing of the natural resources within the communal reserve is conducted by the same rural populations.[2]

Reserve Date Area (ha)
Yanesha 19880428 28 April 1988 34,744
El Sira 20010622 22 June 2001 616,413
Amarakaeri 20020509 9 May 2002 402,335
Asháninka 20030114 14 January 2003 184,468
Machiguenga 20030114 14 January 2003 218,905
Purús 2004112020 November 2004 202,033
Tuntanain 2007081010 August 2007 94,967
Chayu Nain 20030114 9 December 2009 23,597

Protected forests[edit]

Enclosed hunting lands[edit]

Reserved zones[edit]

Manú National Park

National forests[edit]

Areas of regional conservation[edit]

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