An Numaniyah

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An Numaniyah
An Numaniyah is located in Iraq
An Numaniyah
An Numaniyah
Numaniyah's location inside Iraq
Coordinates: 32°30′0″N 45°20′0″E / 32.50000°N 45.33333°E / 32.50000; 45.33333Coordinates: 32°30′0″N 45°20′0″E / 32.50000°N 45.33333°E / 32.50000; 45.33333
Country Iraq
Governorate Wasit

An Numaniyah (Arabic,النعمانية) is a city on the Tigris river in Iraq, located roughly 90 miles (140 km) southeast of Baghdad in the Wasit Province. It is the site of one of four national training centers for the Iraqi Army.

It is also the site of a base that was built by the Hussein regime and constructed by Yugoslavian contractors Mostogradnja. Following the beginning of the Iraq War, it changed its purpose September 1, 2004[1] to operate as a training base for new recruits and serve as the home station for three battalions of the Iraqi Intervention Force – the Iraqi army's counterinsurgency wing.

An Numaniyah Airfield[edit]

According to,[2] "An Numaniyah Airbase is located in Southern Iraq approximately 294 kilometers South of Baghdad. The airfield is served by a single 9,700-foot (3,000 m) long runway. An Numaniyah Airbase occupies a 17 square kilometer site and is protected by a 18 kilometers security perimeter."