Badra, Iraq

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For the German city, see Badra, Germany. For the Indian city, see Badra.

Badra (Arabic,بدرة, Lurish: Badra) is a town in eastern Iraq near the Iraqi-Iranian borders in Wasit Governorate. Its population is a mixture of Arabs, Turkmens and Feyli Lurs.[1]

Badra is located next to the site of the ancient city Der.

Badra is also located on top of the Badra Oil Field which, after a discovery well was drilled in 1979, has remained unexploited until 2011.


  1. ^ FEYLĪ, group of Lor tribes located mainly in Luristan.

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Coordinates: 33°07′N 45°57′E / 33.117°N 45.950°E / 33.117; 45.950