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Optimmune is an ophthalmic ointment with ciclosporin as the active ingredient for the treatment of pannus and chronic idiopathic keratoconjunctivitis sicca in dogs. It is a veterinary product produced by Intervet, which is part of Merck. Optimmune was invented by Dr. Renee Kaswan, a DVM and professor at The University of Georgia. Dr. Kaswan is also the inventor of Restasis, the pharmaceutical that is the human version of Optimmune.

Optimmune is one of a very few drugs developed for animals and then modified for use in human medicine.


White petrolatum-based ointment for ophthalmic use, containing 0.2% w/w ciclosporin Ph Eur.


Ciclosporin is an immunosuppressant with lacrimomimetic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Mild irritation in first few days of treatment. Treatment should be discontinued and professional advice sought. Do not use if fungal infection of the eye is suspected.

Package quantitative[edit]

  • 3.5-Gram tubes


In Canada, available only from veterinary with prescription. As of October 2011, a tube cost $72.