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Monoclonal antibody
TypeWhole antibody
TargetTGF beta 1
Clinical data
ATC code
  • none
Legal status
Legal status
  • Investigational
CAS Number
  • none
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Metelimumab (CAT-192) is a human IgG4 monoclonal antibody that neutralizes TGF beta 1 which had been chosen for further development for the treatment of diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis, also known as scleroderma.[1] It was dropped from further development in favour of fresolimumab,[2] which was being developed by Genzyme as of 2006.[3]


Metelimumab was isolated by Cambridge Antibody Technology (CAT) using its phage display technology. In 2000, CAT signed a collaborative deal with Genzyme to further develop TGF beta antibodies.[4][5]

In 2004, CAT and Genzyme revealed that Phase I/II trials of metelimumab for scleroderma showed this antibody to be safe and well tolerated across all dose levels, although no conclusions regarding efficacy of the compound could be made.[6]

Initial trials targeted the skin condition scleroderma[7] but, after some unsuccessful clinical trial results, the product was dropped in favour of fresolimumab,[2] which was being developed by Genzyme as of 2006.[3]


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