Parallax Studio

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Parallax Studio
Industry animation
Headquarters Nixa, Missouri, U.S.
Key people
J. Allen Williams, CEO

Parallax Studio is an American animation studio based in Nixa, Missouri, created by J. Allen Williams.[1] Apart from their local work,[2] Parallax Studio is most known for the production of the science fiction computer game Darkstar: The Interactive Movie[3] starring the original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000,[4] Clive Robertson,[5] designs by comic artist Richard Corben,[6] and was the last released work of actor Peter Graves. Darkstar was released November 5, 2010 through their official website and Strategy First and later re-released in stores through Lace Mamba Global in 2011.[7]

On March 10, 2012, Parallax Studio announced via Facebook starting pre-production on a full-length fantasy film Everything set for completion in 2014.



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