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Red vs. Blue: Season 10
Red vs. Blue, Season 10 DVD Cover Art.png
Official artwork for Season 10 featuring Washington, Sarge, Carolina, Maine and Sigma
Game(s) Halo 4, Halo: Reach, Halo 3, Halo 2, Halo: Combat Evolved
Genre(s) Comic science fiction
Running time 4-14 minutes
Directed by Burnie Burns
Matt Hullum
Written by Burnie Burns
Miles Luna
Matt Hullum
Eddy Rivas
Voices Burnie Burns
Joel Heyman
Matt Hullum
Geoff Ramsey
Jason Saldaña
Gus Sorola
Dan Godwin
Shannon McCormick
Yomary Cruz
Jen Brown
John Reed
with Elijah Wood
and Kathleen Zuelch
Release(s) May 28, 2012 – November 5, 2012
Format(s) Flash, QuickTime
No. of episodes 22

The tenth season of the American action comedy science fiction animated/machinima web series Red vs. Blue premiered on Memorial Day, May 28, 2012, and concluded on November 5, 2012. The series is produced by Rooster Teeth Productions and is loosely based in the Halo universe.

Season 10 concludes the dual storylines that started in Red vs. Blue: Season 9. The first story acts to conclude the Project Freelancer back-story that began in the previous season, which is again depicted using pre-rendered CGI. The second picks up from the very end of Season 9 in the present, directly after Epsilon-Church's rescue from the memory unit, and follows Carolina's quest to find and kill the Director with the help of the Reds and Blues. The season also concludes the series' third story arc that began with Season 9. The present story-line returns to the Halo 3 engine which was used throughout most of the Recollection trilogy and again at the very end of Season 9, and the epilogue is depicted in the Halo 4 engine.


Season 10 concludes the dual storylines that started from Season 9. The past storyline will show the conclusion of Project Freelancers' quest to defeat a rogue Insurrection group and the loss of complete trust between the Freelancer agents and AIs. The present storyline picks up right where Season 9 left off, as Epsilon Church joins the Reds and Blues on Agent Carolina's quest for vengeance against the Director of Project Freelancer.


  • Length: 6:52
  • Release Date: May 28, 2012

In the past, Freelancer agent York infiltrates an Insurrectionist facility in space and attempts to open a holographic lock. After an alarm is remotely triggered, the Director of Project Freelancer decides to "take a more direct approach". Shortly afterwards, a beam is fired from the Freelancer flagship Mother of Invention, cutting through both the outer hull of the station and the lock, causing York to be dragged out into space.

In the present, Carolina again explains to Epsilon Church that she is trying to track down the Director, and she needs Church's help. Church claims that Carolina was supposed to be dead and demands to know how she survived. Washington appears, announcing that the UNSC forces can't be held off much longer, and Carolina races off to fight them. Washington remains behind and it is explained to an enraged Church that he has replaced Church on Blue team, even to the approval of Caboose. Suddenly Carolina returns and tells them to move out.

Heavy Metal[edit]

  • Length: 5:20
  • Release Date: June 4, 2012

In the past, the Mother of Invention approaches the facility, revealed to be a scrap-metal recycling station, firing its main cannon. The station launches Longsword fighters in response. Pelican drop-ships are launched from the Mother of Invention, one of which is carrying agents Carolina, North, South, Washington and Connecticut (C.T.), who have orders to capture the "Leader". Due to York's failure to unlock the Leader's hangar, they are forced to deploy into the main hangar of the station. Before deploying, Carolina advises using their jetpacks sparingly, lest they end up like Agent Georgia, who was never found. Flying into the hangar, the agents fight the Insurrectionist forces present. After the fight, Carolina assigns the agents tasks for the mission, then notices that C.T. is missing. C.T. is then seen entering another part of the station via a hole in the hull, and confronts an elite Insurrectionist and two soldiers, who open fire.

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla from Smosh guest star in a cameo as two soldiers, one of which is holding a large amount of shotguns (Padilla) while the other berates him (Hecox). The soldier holding the guns drops one and kills the other accidentally upon seeing the Freelancers, only to be killed himself soon after.

Follow the Leader[edit]

  • Length: 5:48
  • Release Date: June 11, 2012

Continuing from where the previous episode ended, the two Insurrectionist soldiers open fire on C.T; only for it to be a hologram. Shortly after, the real C.T. incapacitates the two soldiers before greeting the Insurrectionist elite, thus confirming her affiliation with the Insurrection. After giving the elite a datapad containing information on Project Freelancer, they then discuss an artifact that the Insurrection has discovered before the UNSC and Project Freelancer. The elite and his soldiers then prepare to leave, urging C.T. to go along with him; stating that the other Freelancers will soon be onto her. Meanwhile, back in the station's hangar, South reports to Carolina that the Leader isn't present in the facility, but instead is somewhere inside the scrapyard. Just as Carolina orders South, Washington, and North to prepare to enter the scrapyard, York arrives.

Back in the present, Washington and Carolina engage several soldiers while Grif, Tucker, and Simmons secure several Warthogs for transport. After the soldiers are killed, Epsilon Church then asks everyone why they decided to rescue him. Caboose explains (to the surprise of Church) that Carolina wants to find the Director and since Epsilon Church has all of his memories, he may know where he is; but Caboose also mistakenly believes that when they find the Director they will throw a surprise party for him. Epsilon Church is skeptical about the plan, stating that just because he has the Director's memories, that doesn't mean he can recall them at will. Carolina then tries to give orders to the Reds and Blues, only for them to not understand what "sync" is or not caring about it, with Caboose randomly saying different appliance names; leaving it up to Washington to summarize for them. The group then finally leaves the facility.


  • Length: 5:54
  • Release Date: June 18, 2012

In the present day, The Reds and Blues stop at the Wind Power facility, demanding to have a break. Church is revealed to have stored himself in Tucker's storage unit, revealing to have deleted inappropriate stuff Tucker has. Watching the teams chat from above, Carolina expresses her annoyance at their idiocy to Washington. Washington agrees that they are idiots, but also says that they're "not that bad once you get to know them", and states that he and the teams almost managed to trap The Meta the last time they were at the facility. Carolina emphasizes the fact that they didn't succeed.

In the past, as the strike team advances to the objective, the Freelancer forces notice that everything has gone quiet, and come to believe that the Insurrectionist forces have retreated. Suddenly, an Insurrectionist ship, the Staff of Charon emerges from hiding in the scrap field, and attacks the Mother of Invention. Before jumping to a new destination, the Insurrectionist ship leaves behind a nuclear device. The strike team flies back to the drop-ship, except for Washington, who is paralyzed with fear, not wanting to end up like Georgia. Carolina uses her grapple gun to drag him into the dropship, and it manages to clear the blast radius. The Director then demands a status report. Carolina reports their failure to capture the leader, and that C.T. is "gone".

The New Kid[edit]

  • Length: 7:11
  • Release Date: July 2, 2012

In the past, North introduces his new A.I., Theta, to York, Washington and South. Theta exhibits a childlike, shy personality, so York introduces his A.I., Delta, to help Theta with its shyness. When North introduces Theta to his sister South, Theta mentions that he also has many brothers and sisters. The Director arrives, to prepare a test for Theta and North. He reminds Delta that protocol forbids direct interaction between A.I.s, then orders it to administrate the test. During the test, Theta is able to successfully operate North's Domed Energy Shield armor equipment to defend against multiple automated turrets, compensating for changes in the situation. With Theta's aid, North is ultimately able to eliminate all the turrets, greatly impressing Washington and York.

In present day, The Reds discuss being dragged along with the Blues on the mission and whether Carolina can be trusted. Elsewhere, Tucker and Epsilon witness Washington entering a doorway in the facility.

What's the "I" Stand For?[edit]

  • Length: 7:56
  • Release Date: July 9, 2012

In the present day, Carolina looks for leads and clues to the location of the Director with Washington, as Tucker and Epsilon watch. However, the two are found thanks to Tucker's catchphrase "Bow Chicka Bow Wow!!" and are forced to leave without any answers to Carolina's plans. After Carolina's angry outburst towards Epsilon and Tucker, Washington attempts to calm her down, but she assures him that she is fine leading the squad.

In the past, the Director and the Counselor teach the agents about how to care for the A.I.'s briefly touching on the subject of Rampancy. South displays doubt about the necessity of the lessons, but Carolina tells her that it is crucial in their training. York reveals that Carolina's A.I., Sigma (Elijah Wood), was given to Maine by Carolina to help him communicate. Sigma asks about the fourth stage of A.I. rampancy, Metastability, which should theoretically make an A.I. human. The Counselor tells him that it is merely a theory, as no full A.I. has ever reached the stage before, and it is even more unlikely for a fragment, such as Sigma, to undergo the process. Sigma takes great interest in the concept, and after everyone leaves, creates the symbol of the Meta on a computer screen.

Back in the present, Carolina continues to intimidate the Reds and Blues, except Caboose when he mistakens Carolina's "ugly side" expression as an insult to her physical appearance. The Reds plan on abandoning the mission and returning home, but Washington tells them that due to their past actions, they are likely now criminals wanted by the UNSC. The Reds immediately change their minds and decide to stay.


  • Length: 6:10
  • Release Date: July 16, 2012

In the present, Washington reports to Carolina that he has found nothing in the wind power facility. They decide to move on to the ruins in the desert where Washington found C.T.'s helmet. The Blues discuss Epsilon's memories, and his difficulty determining which of his personalities they come from.

In the past, Wyoming and an unnamed blue-armored soldier spy on an Insurrectionist facility and report C.T.'s arrival. When her defection is confirmed to the Director, he sends Carolina to join Wyoming and kill C.T. preventing her armor technology from falling into enemy hands. In the mess hall, York and North order their A.I.s to shut down so they can have a discussion about the Alpha, having both heard about it in the thoughts of their A.I. partners. The A.I.s seem obsessed with the Alpha, and refer to it as their "creator", rather than the Director. The A.I.'s vagueness regarding how the Alpha created these fragments worries York.

Fall From Heaven[edit]

  • Length: 9:02
  • Release Date: July 23, 2012

In the present, The Reds and Blues arrive at the desert, where Carolina and Wash search for C.T's remains. The Blues recall the events that happened in Recreation as well as what they are up to here.

In the past, Carolina, Washington, York, North and South ride with Four-Seven Niner to assault the Insurrectionist facility full-force. During this period, Four-Seven Niner is introduced to Delta, whose help she uses to launch a surprise attack on the base. The Freelancers begin their attack each achieving multiple victories over the defenses, including leaving the Insurrectionist elite sniper unconscious and disabling most of the soldiers and vehicles. The remaining elites begin to turn the tables on them through teamwork. To counter this, Washington activates a beacon and Maine arrives in a drop pod. Sigma appears over Maine's shoulder and asks him if one of the nearby elites is the one that shot him in the throat. When Maine growls in confirmation, Sigma orders him to charge.

Fighting Fire[edit]

  • Length: 8:11
  • Release Date: August 6, 2012

In the present, The Reds and Blues have a meeting about Carolina's secrecy and motives, as they believe she can't be trusted, even Washington. The group decides to find out more about Carolina's motives and plans by inserting Epsilon-Church into her Mongoose.

In the past, Maine demonstrates his power by destroying a Warthog with his bare hands, effortlessly defeating the soldier who shot him and helping Carolina take down the rest. During the fighting, Sigma communicates directly with Delta, showing the roots of his desire to collect and unite all of the AI fragments. Meanwhile, the Insurrectionists and C.T retreat into a bunker whilst Carolina, York and Washington regroup with Wyoming to assault the Insurrectionist base. To stall them, two heavy gunners lay down suppressive fire. Things change when a cloaked figure attacks them. To Carolina's chagrin, it turns out to be Tex. Not willing to let her win again, she charges and joins the assault, while York and Wash mention her motivation and obsession to win, especially against Tex.


  • Length: 6:31
  • Release Date: August 13, 2012

In the present, Washington and Carolina approach where Wash saw C.T.'s helmet, wondering how C.T. ended up there. Carolina then tells him what happened back at the Longshore Shipyards.

C.T. and the Insurrection Leader plan to escape the facility, but C.T. tries to tell him that the Freelancers might help them if they were told the whole story from their point of view. Outside the room, Carolina and Tex wait at the door, as the room is guarded by turrets making it impossible to get in without them activating. Carolina orders York to disable the power, but the latter is pinned down by the Twin Insurrectionists. Wyoming proposes that the Blue ODST help them as the latter recovers from his injury and uses his rifle to cause a crane holding a crate to smash into the two insurrectionist turret soldiers, killing them.

With the power finally disabled, Tex and Carolina rush into the room, holding C.T. and the Leader at gunpoint. C.T. attempts to convince them of the Director's crimes, but the two will have none of it. C.T. then reveals that she knows what Tex really is, and calls her a shadow, enraging her enough to shoot at C.T. With negotiations over, the four have a fight before Tex fatally wounds C.T. with one of the Leader's tomahawks. The Leader drags C.T. out of the room as Carolina berates Tex for harming a teammate, but Tex tells her C.T. is no longer one of them. The Leader drags C.T. into an escape pod and she gives him a card full of information describing the Director's crimes before dying. In grief, the Leader takes her helmet and puts it on, revealing that the C.T. the Reds and Blues encountered in Recreation was the Leader all along.

In the present, Washington is surprised at the truth as Carolina retrieves what she was looking for; the card with information about the Director.

Out of Body[edit]

  • Length: 7:29
  • Release Date: August 20, 2012

In the present, as Washington and Carolina return from the Leader's corpse, Caboose manages to finish installing Church into Carolina's Mongoose. When Washington and Carolina study the data they salvaged from C.T.'s corpse, they find data on the alien artifact Epsilon-Church temporarily used as a body. Tucker recognizes the artifact and informs them that they had found and used it, though he claims it was a pain in the ass for them to deal with. However, Caboose admits that he had lost the artifact shortly after it was damaged when Church transferred to a new body, which enrages Carolina. The datacard is also revealed to be corrupted, meaning that they have no more leads in the hunt for the Director. Afterwards, Carolina decides to go off alone to visit an abandoned fortress on a nearby island, taking the Mongoose with her. As the Reds and Blues head to the temple to rest, Tucker asks Washington where she is going, Washington replies that she had "lost something" and "needs time to find it again". Also a modified version of the song "A Girl Named Tex" plays as she drives away into the distance.

In the past, the Chairman chastises the Director for letting C.T. and her valuable armor escape. Frustrated at failing the mission, Carolina begins practicing close combat drills. Both York and North keep an eye on her from above, and begin talking about each other's AIs, such as how Theta is afraid of the dark and how Delta is constantly making calculations. Both Freelancers are acutely aware of the fact that all of the AIs seem anxious about something, as if they know something that the Freelancers do not. North decides to go to sleep while York stays to keep an eye on Carolina.

Out of Mind[edit]

  • Length: 8:59
  • Release Date: August 27, 2012

In the present, Carolina arrives at the abandoned island fortress where York was killed during the events of Out of Mind. Church reveals himself and then asks Carolina what her motivations are and why she can't trust the Reds and Blues, causing her to go on a rant over how she couldn't even trust her fellow Freelancers. Church then delves into Epsilon's memories and summons Delta, who begins playing York's video diaries, recorded after he left Project Freelancer. In the diaries, York expresses his wish to see Carolina again, and gets excited when he hears rumors of a rogue female Freelancer, but is disappointed when he learns that it is Tex. He then reminisces about how he and Carolina first met and wishes things between them turned out differently, implying romantic feelings between them. Carolina asks Church why he showed her those diaries and responds by saying "Because, I know what it's like to spend your life chasing ghosts." Carolina thanks Church, and reveals she wants to kill the Director to take revenge for all of the Freelancers and others he victimized, Church included. They both begin to bond, with Carolina becoming much nicer toward him and Church agreeing to analyze the Director's diary logs for any information.

Meanwhile, back at the alien temple, the Reds and Blues become increasingly anxious about Carolina's motives. Caboose attempts to (unsuccessfully) spy on Washington, voicing the rest of the teams' concerns over Carolina to him. Caboose then offhandedly mentions how he considers Washington a friend, something that catches him by surprise. Shortly after, Carolina returns to the alien temple and tells everybody to get ready to move. She and Church reveal that they are returning to Outpost 17-B, Valhalla.

Greenish-Blue With Envy[edit]

  • Length: 9:08
  • Release Date: September 3, 2012

The group finally arrives at Outpost 17-B Vahalla and quickly get to work. Church, Carolina, and Washington decide to go inspect the crashed Pelican where Tex's previous body is. Tucker approaches Church and is angry over how close he and Carolina seem to have gotten and wonders why Church isn't spying on her like planned, though Church points out that Carolina is a much more complicated person than they thought, and that the only way he can figure out her secret is to be close to her at all times. Then, Carolina forbids the rest of the group from following them to the Pelican. The Reds decide to go find and repair Lopez so they can get a numerical advantage against the Blues. Caboose rushes off to the Blue Base, leaving Tucker all by himself.

In the past, Carolina is still frustrated over how she can't seem to beat Tex. She is then approached by both Sigma and Gamma, who point out that Tex's superior abilities may stem from her AI, Omega. Realizing that she will never catch up to Tex without an AI, Carolina gets an idea and leaves. Meanwhile, in the training room, the Director and the Counselor are interviewing Tex, who is beginning to exhibit the enhanced aggression from using Omega. Carolina suddenly barges in and demands that the Director give her an AI. The Director points out that Eta and Iota are due to be implanted into Washington and South Dakota, and that she may choose one at the cost of taking one of her teammate's AIs. However, Carolina demands that she have both AIs, taking everybody by surprise. She points out that her armor should be able to handle 2 AI fragments, and that the newer fragments are getting weaker. The Director grudgingly accepts her request and orders the two AIs to be implanted into her immediately. Meanwhile, Sigma watches the entire scene unfold from above.

New and Improved[edit]

  • Length: 4:26
  • Release Date: September 10, 2012

In the present, Caboose begins giving Tucker a tour of their new base in Outpost 17-B Vahalla. However, Tucker is not impressed, as the area doesn't seem that much different from Blood Gulch, though Caboose points key differences such as a waterfall and a beach. Meanwhile, Church, Carolina, and Washington begin examining the Pelican wreck. While Washington only manages to find several shell casings and a dog tag, Church downloads himself into the Pelican's computer to see if he can obtain any information from Sheila.

In the past, South is furious when she learns that Carolina has taken her and Washington's AI and wonders why she gets such preferential treatment. In a fit of rage, she strikes Tex's locker, knocking it open and causing the name tag to fall off. Tex witnesses this and forces South to pick up the tag for her before South angrily storms out. York and Washington tell Tex that Carolina is currently in surgery to have her two AIs implanted, and that they plan to meet her in the recovery room. Tex agrees to join them, but not before discreetly pocketing a dog tag that she was keeping in her locker. In the recovery room, York and Washington observe that Maine has been suffering chronic headaches. York explains that it's a common side effect of AI implantation, but they usually wear off over time, which is not the case for Maine. Carolina then wakes up and demands for a match.

Three's a Crowd[edit]

  • Length: 6:29
  • Release date: September 17, 2012

In the past, Carolina and Texas prepare for their match, while most of the other agents gather to watch as some of them are betting if Tex and Carolina might kill each other. Washington expresses concern that he and the agents watching might get killed in the match. As Tex and Carolina charge each other to start the match, the Director arrives, angry that an unauthorized match is taking place. Upon seeing that Texas is involved, he shouts "No... Allison!". Suddenly, all the agents with AIs except Washington collapse as their AIs start screaming "Allison!"; Carolina suffers the worst, screaming for the voices to stop. Growling noises start emanating from the Sarcophagus, frightening the soldiers guarding it. The Counselor suggests sedating Carolina, but the Director declines, saying "she made her decision", then dismisses the agents watching the events. On the training floor, Omega implores Texas to "end" Carolina, but she holds back, and instead knocks Carolina unconscious, telling her it is for her own good.

In the present, Carolina becomes frustrated as the search of the crashed ship proves fruitless. Washington tells her that it was highly likely, as the UNSC response teams would have already beat them there. He says that time isn't on their side, and that any leads left behind may have long gone cold. Carolina orders Washington to tell the teams to prepare to move out again. However, Washington is reluctant to force the teams to move again, pointing out that they consider Vahalla their home, but Carolina ignores him and tells him again to tell the others they're leaving. Meanwhile, Sarge and Simmons find Lopez, now propped up as a scarecrow in the garden of a makeshift hut. Donut then walks out, having heard their voices, and reveals that his life was preserved by an armor lockdown. Sarge and Simmons wonder how Donut received the medical attention he would have needed after he was released; just as they realize the answer, Doc approaches from behind and greets them, greatly upsetting Sarge.

Happy Birthday[edit]

  • Length: 6:03
  • Release Date: September 24, 2012

In the present, Carolina tells the Red and Blue teams that they are leaving, much to their dismay. Sarge and Simmons return, telling Grif about how Donut is still alive and living with Doc and Lopez. Meanwhile, Tucker becomes more anxious and frustrated at how Church seems to be getting closer to Carolina, and how he has apparently forgotten his original objective in spying on her. Church points out that Tucker nor anyone else have any idea what Carolina has been through. He then storms away angrily and asks Carolina to talk privately with him.

Meanwhile, in the past, Tex and North are observing Carolina, who has been in a coma ever since the accident. York is also present, and has not left her side in days. Tex informs North that South had filed a request to take one of Carolina's AIs, a move that disgusts him. Tex warns North that South is a "vulture", and that he should keep an eye on her in the future. She then confides to North that she refuses to use her AI because she believes it's too dangerous, and she has not told the Director. North believes that Carolina's accident would halt the AI experiments, but Tex tells him that the Director has scheduled Washington to be implanted next, leading North to believe that the Freelancers are nothing but the Director's guinea pigs. Meanwhile, the Director and the Counselor oversee Sigma, Omega and Gamma torturing the Alpha, forcing it to create a new AI fragment. The Director orders the AIs to log off, as they are not allowed to witness the fragment creation process, but Sigma secretly disobeys orders and stores himself in a nearby security camera. As he watches, he sees the Director bring in the Sarcophagus, which contains an unknown alien (the shadow shows it is a Covenant Engineer). The Director asks the alien to "fix" an AI memory unit, giving birth to a new AI fragment, Epsilon.

Remember Me How I Was[edit]

  • Length: 6:11
  • Release Date: October 1, 2012

At Valhalla, Grif and Simmons debate on their motive for being here and hunting the Director. Simmons points out that the Director is the reason for them being here and all the enemies they've faced over the years. Grif points out that, unlike the Freelancers, they have no personal vendetta against the Director. Then Sarge joins up with them and grimly replies that even if they succeeded in killing the Director, it would be pointless as they would still be doing the same thing they've done before and leaving Valhalla will just make things worse. Unbeknownst to them, Washington has heard their entire conversation and leaves to ponder this. Meanwhile, Church is getting more curious about Carolina's grudge against Tex. Carolina bitterly responds that Tex was the best of the best and she couldn't compete with her, and that if Tex couldn't find the Director, then how can she do it. Church responds if Tex was the best, then she would be in Carolina's position right now, not her, and tells her to let it go. Carolina then notices Tex's dog tags that Wash found in the Pelican and finds that it is actually Connie's. Church notices it has some data stored in it and searches it on Carolina's request.

In the past, Tex investigates the dog tags and finds a message from C.T. directly to her stating that she has left behind a copy of the data she took about the Director's misdeeds and sent this to her not because she is the best soldier, but because she is the one she can trust the most. Tex decides to investigate her data having details on all of the A.I and becomes incensed upon discovering that she is the A.I unit Beta. Meanwhile Washington has gone through surgery and just as Epsilon is implanted in him, severe hallucinations of Allison start to occur sending Wash into extreme pain and unconsciousness. Eventually he is sedated and sent to Recovery.

In the present, Church exits the data file in the dog tag and states that he now knows how to find the Director as he now remembers everything. As he says this, he changes appearance from small and blue into a white, full-sized soldier, similar to when Church was a "ghost" as the Alpha.

Change of Plans[edit]

  • Length: 8:01
  • Release Date: October 8, 2012

In the past, Washington finally regains consciousness after the implantation of Epsilon into his armor went awry. North explains that due to the incident with Epsilon, all future AI projects have been cancelled, with the existing AIs due to be confiscated by the Director. However, Carolina angrily protests against the idea of having her AIs taken. North further explains that while Washington was unconscious, Tex had gone rogue, allegedly attacked Wyoming and attempted to steal his AI and equipment, and left the base. However, North is skeptical about Tex being the culprit for the attack on Wyoming, due to his knowledge of her reluctance to use AIs. He then says that Carolina will most likely be tasked with hunting down Tex when an alarm goes off. Elsewhere in the base, Tex breaks into a secure vault with York's help, telling him that there's someone she needs to see. Unbeknownst to them however, Maine is sharpening his Brute Shot and preparing for battle as the Meta.

In the present, Carolina and Church gather the Reds and Blues in the holographic training room under the Red base. They announced that they have found the Director and tracked him to an offsite storage facility and make plans to attack it. However, the Reds immediately balk, pointing out that they believe the mission was to find the Director, though Carolina says that plans have changed. The Reds then say they have no wish to be used as bait in Carolina and Church's personal vendetta, and claim that it isn't their fight. Tucker follows suit, calling Carolina a psycho and proclaiming that he won't follow her orders anymore. Carolina attempts to force the Reds and Blues to comply at gunpoint, but is stopped by a furious Washington, who sides with the Reds and Blues. He states that he considers the Reds and Blues his friends now, saying he is already responsible for enough of their problems in the past, and would be damned if he lets Church and Carolina cause any more. Angry that nobody is willing to join in the mission, Church loses his temper, begins to grow in size and goes on a rant where he blames the Reds and Blues as the cause for most of his problems in the past, remembering being shot in the head, having a bomb being put in one of his robotic bodies and being killed by his own tank as examples. Church realizes too late what he's done, as the Reds and Blues, including Caboose, leave the room either hurt or in disgust as Church tries to apologize. Washington is the last to leave and coldly warns Carolina that she needs to figure out the difference between her enemies and friends. Carolina attempts to shrug off their departure, but is clearly demoralized by the unpleasant feud.

Party Crasher[edit]

  • Length: 11:49
  • Release Date: October 15, 2012

After breaking into the Mother of Invention, Tex begins making her way to the labs. However, after defeating a group of guards, she is confronted by South who tries to kill her with a missile pod. North then intervenes, saving Tex and buying her time to continue on while he confronts South. Meanwhile, after defeating Wyoming, York tries to create a distraction in order to help Tex. First he hacks into the ship's systems and causes it to fire missiles at itself, disorienting the crew. He then disables the artificial gravity, neutralizing the guards and allowing Tex to bypass a hostile Scorpion tank.

Determined to stop Tex, the Director orders Carolina to stop her by any means necessary. Carolina pursues Tex throughout the corridors of the ship until York attempts to stop her. She asks York why he is siding with Tex, and replies that he's not rebelling because he agrees with Tex, but because he's doing what he feels is right. He asks Carolina to let go of her rivalry with Tex and flee Project Freelancer with him. However, Carolina refuses to let go of her jealousy and both she and York reluctantly fight, with Carolina easily incapacitating York. She then leaves behind her lighter for York to find before continuing her pursuit of Tex. Both women eventually encounter each other and begin a brutal fight throughout the ship's corridors. However, due to the damage it has taken, the Mother of Invention goes out of control and crash lands on a nearby planet, ejecting Carolina from the ship and knocking her out.

Tex takes the opportunity to access the ship's systems in order to find Alpha. She finds Alpha and tries to convince him to leave with her. However, Alpha does not remember Tex and is reluctant to leave the ship, saying that it probably isn't possible anyway, and he is very tired and wants to rest. Disappointed that Alpha doesn't remember her, Tex has a short chat with him before logging out of the system, with both of them agreeing that they hate goodbyes.

Outside, Carolina regains consciousness to see Maine approaching her. Before she can do anything, Carolina is grabbed by Maine, who forcibly takes both of her AIs and then throws her off a nearby cliff as Tex watches in horror, but as Carolina falls, she pulls out her grapple gun. Soon, the Director and his forces begin to regroup, forcing Tex to flee the scene. Sigma alongside Iota and Eta materialize next to Maine as Sigma warns Tex "Run, Agent Texas. We are the Meta, and we will find you, very soon."


  • Length: 7:45
  • Release Date: October 22, 2012

With the Reds and Blues refusing to help them, Church and Carolina decide to try to find the Director themselves. They arrive at the storage facility and at a secret entrance finds FILSS still operational, who mentions that the Director had entered the facility years ago but has not left since.

Meanwhile, in Valhalla, the Reds and Blues are continuing their "war", with the Reds attempting to negotiate with the Blues to get their flag back by giving up their stuff, though they all start to admit that it's starting to get depressing. Simmons decides to reveal and trade the Meta's Brute Shot for the flag, though Grif protests since he wants to keep the "Grifshot" for himself and use it as a mounting piece. As Washington and Grif argue over what to do with the Brute Shot, Doc asks the teams whether they really are okay with letting Church leave by himself. When they point out that Church has been nothing but trouble for them and mention all of the problems they had to deal with in the past, Doc responds by pointing out how their past adventures had changed them for the better. For example, Sarge finally got to lead a real military operation, Tucker learned how to use his Plasma Sword, Washington found a new team, Simmons found his old team, Doc himself managed to keep a patient alive for the first time in his career, and Donut didn't die. Realizing this, the Reds and Blues decide to go after Church. Washington attempts to stop them, saying that it's stupid and that they are being too reckless facing almost impossible odds, also pointing out that the Director plays for keeps. Sarge points out that being stupid and reckless helped them get things done and that Wash and the Freelancers have seem to forget: the Reds and Blues were able to beat the Freelancers time and time again. Sarge also mentions the fact that the Freelancers may have better equipment, plans and training, but they lacked the one thing the Red and Blue Teams have: a team they could count on. He also gives Washington his choices: keep playing it safe, or get a little reckless for once. Wash says this is the stupidest idea ever, but decides to join them anyway. As all agree to go, they realize Church and Carolina have a huge head start on them and wonder how they will be able to catch up to them in time, when suddenly a trio of UNSC Hornet gunships arrive to arrest them, unknowingly proving Wash's theory that he and the Reds and Blues are indeed wanted criminals. The Reds and Blues hijack the Hornets, strand the UNSC soldiers at Valhalla and fly off to find Church and Carolina.

Back at the Freelancer facility, Church and Carolina note how the facility seems to be completely abandoned, and both of them have a sense of deja vu. Carolina finds a new pair of plasma rifles in the armory and takes them for herself. They then enter a teleporter to confront the Director. However, they instead end up in a room filled with robotic copies that resemble Tex. Church reveals that the Director had never stopped trying to create a perfect copy of Allison, and these robots were the byproducts of his obsession. When Carolina asks if the Director ever succeeded, the robots then activate and before attacking Church and Carolina, one of the byproducts steps up and says (in the tone when Omega is in Tex) "You have no idea what kind of trouble you are in."

True Colors[edit]

  • Length: 7:08
  • Release Date: October 29, 2012

At the Freelancer facility, Carolina charges at the robots and attacks, using her skill and weaponry to her full advantage. However her obsession to defeat Tex as well as reminiscing about her failures in the past causes Carolina to eventually be knocked down. Church's coordination is also jarred from the intensity of the fight and he is unable to assist her. Carolina breaks down and laments that she can't and never will beat Tex. As the Tex robots close in for the kill, Donut suddenly destroys them with several plasma grenades and Wash helps Carolina on her feet who is surprised to see that the Reds and Blues have returned, as Wash reminds her that "they're not so bad once you get to know them." When Church tells them he thought that this isn't the Reds and Blues' fight, Sarge replies that they couldn't resist taking on a mission with overwhelming odds and little to no chance of success. Church apologizes to the Reds and Blues for being an asshole, and he and the others agree to have a cheesy forgiveness moment later, as the Tex robots begin to regroup for another round. Her morale restored, Carolina tells the teams to 'lock and load'. To help even the odds, Church enters Caboose's mind and manually angers him into smashing through the Tex robot army. Carolina and the Reds and Blues begin working as a team, laying waste to the majority of the Tex robots, but are slowly being overwhelmed. Wash tells Church to find the real Tex so he can shut down the army.

Church enters the data storage unit where Tex is being kept. He finds her in a similar predicament to what Alpha was in many years ago; Tex has been so broken down that she doesn't even recognize him or have any remembrance of her own name. Church reminds her of their relationship and comforts her, telling her to rest, which Tex wearily, but happily complies to. Church says goodbye, to which Tex recalls that she has always hated goodbyes, which Church replies that he knows why.

Back in the facility, all the Tex robots shut down as a result of Church's actions. The Reds and Blues take a moment to savor their victory, but Wash grimly reminds them that they still have to deal with the Director. Church however replies that what they have to do next, he and Carolina must do it alone, preparing for a final showdown with the Director.

Don't Say It[edit]

  • Length: 13:26
  • Release Date: November 5, 2012

In the offsite storage facility, Church and Carolina find the Director in a room with FILSS watching a video file of Allison leaving to join the military again. The Director repeatedly says that he needs more time to bring Allison back and that he's close, but Church ignores it and goes a rant on all of the actions the Director has to answer for, such as what he done to him, Carolina, Wash, Tex and all the others he hurt. Carolina tries to calm Church, but he continues ranting on the lies the Director has made and for the torture on the AIs, all just to bring back a shadow, and he must pay for all of it. Carolina looks at the Director in disappointment as he looks back at her, showing that they both have the same eye color. Realizing killing the Director won't solve anything nor heal past wounds, Carolina tells Church to leave, but he claims that they came all this way to kill the Director, though Carolina reminds him that he needs to let it go. She also says that the past doesn't define a person for who he or she is, but that it's a starting point to what they will become. After leaving a pistol for the Director at his request, Carolina kisses him on the forehead and leaves, just as the Director is saying "You were my greatest creation." Church tells the Director he doesn't know who he is, but he knows that despite being a copy of the Director, he is a better person than him. In response, the Director says "I wasn't speaking to you." As Church leaves, the Director orders FILSS to delete all files dealing with Project Freelancer, including FILSS, except the video of Allison and to shut down every Project Freelancer facility, including the one he is in. FILSS warns him that doing so will shut off the life support system in the facility, though the Director insists. Before shutting down, FILSS asks him if Project Freelancer was a success, he replies no but claims he came very close, and that he wish he knew earlier. He then finishes with saying "perhaps the next time around." The Director and FILSS say their goodbyes to each other as the door to the room lowers down, sealing the Director in with the pistol in hand.

Outside the facility, Church and Carolina acknowledge that the journey is over. They thank each other for showing the other a different side of themselves after all they've been through. Carolina then asks Church about where the Reds and Blues will go now, as Church answers that there's one place they haven't been to yet the Reds and Blues can call home.

In the past at Freelancer Command, the Director and the Counselor discuss where to hide the Alpha. The Counselor points out that the Alpha will need a security detail, someone they can trust, so he nominates the blue soldier, which turns out to be Flowers, also known as Agent Florida. The Director mentions they'll need a cover story for Flowers' "disappearance", as the Counselor has the state of Florida break into several pieces on a computer screen behind them. Then the Director points out that they'll need a place to put the Alpha where no one will be able to think to look for it, then the Counselor says he believes he knows a place.

Back in the present, the Reds and Blues begin to settle into an unknown canyon as Church and Carolina watch over them. Carolina then tells Church that military equipment had recently been stolen from Project Freelancer by some low level soldiers, pointing out they should get them, hoping to do good things to replace all the bad things they've done, though it may not be good enough. Church considers saying one last goodbye to the Reds and Blues, but Carolina tells Church a short story about her mother, who came to see her and then leave time and time again, but Carolina says that her mother never said goodbye, as she believes that not saying goodbye means you're not really gone, but just not here right now. Church tells Carolina that her mother must have been smart. Carolina agrees but said that her mother had a bad taste in men. Down in the canyon, Caboose calls to Church to come down with him, but realizes Church and Carolina are gone. Tucker asks Caboose if he found Church and where he may have gone to. Caboose replies no and that he doesn't know where Church is, but says that he's somewhere but isn't here right now. As Caboose and Tucker head inside their new base, Church's sniper rifle is seen lying on a hill overlooking the canyon.

In a post-credits scene, a live-action video Leonard Church watched is shown. It shows a young Allison about to leave for a tour of military duty for the UNSC, while a young Church tries to prevent her from going. Before leaving, Allison tells Church to not say goodbye, saying she hates goodbyes.


  • Burnie Burns: Epsilon Church, Alpha and Omega
  • Joel Heyman: Michael J. Caboose
  • Matt Hullum: Sarge, Doc, Wyoming and Maine
  • Geoff Ramsey: Dexter Grif
  • Jason Saldaña: Lavernius Tucker
  • Gustavo Sorola: Richard Simmons
  • Dan Godwin: Franklin Donut
  • Shannon McCormick: Washington
  • Yomary Cruz: FILSS
  • Jen Brown: Carolina
  • John Reed: Dr. Leonard Church
  • Asaf Ronen: Counselor
  • Jack Lee: Chairman Malcolm Hargrove
  • Elijah Wood: Sigma
  • Sean Duggan: York
  • John Erler: North Dakota
  • Shana Merlin: South Dakota
  • Samantha Ireland: Connecticut/Connie
  • Michael Joplin: Insurrectionist Leader
  • Leigh Eddy: Four Seven Niner
  • Mark Bellman: Delta and Epsilon Delta
  • J.D. Burns: Theta
  • Ed Robertson: Florida/Captain Butch Flowers
  • Kathleen Zuelch: Tex
  • Lindsay Hicks: Allison
  • Mac OS X voice synthesizer, System Voice "Fred": Gamma


Red vs. Blue: Season 10 Soundtrack
Red vs Blue Season 10 Soundtrack.png
Soundtrack album by Jeff Williams
Released November 16, 2012
Genre Rock
Length 63:11
Label Rooster Teeth Productions
Jeff Williams chronology
Red vs. Blue: Season 9 Soundtrack
Red vs. Blue: Season 10 Soundtrack
RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack
Singles from Red vs. Blue: Season 10 Soundtrack
  1. "The More"
  2. "Terrify!"
  3. "Mental Meta Metal"
  4. "Pray"

Th soundtrack for season 10 of Red vs. Blue was released by Jeff Williams on November 16, 2012. It features numerous artists, including Sandy Lee Casey, Lamar Hall and Red Rapper, as well as the cast of Red vs. Blue.

Track listing
No. Song Title Artist(s) Length Featured In
1. Fragments Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Williams, Lamar Hall & Barbara Laronga) 3:34 Party Crasher
2. The More Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall & Sandy Lee Casey) 2:30 Season 10 Red Band Preview Trailer
3. Now That We've Come So Far Jeff Williams (feat. Nicole D'Andrea) 3:14 Don't Say It
4. Terrify! Jeff Williams (feat. Sandy Lee Casey) 2:30 Heavy Metal
5. Terminate Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall) 2:02 Revenants, Don't Say It
6. Worst Lockpicker Ever Jeff Williams 2:19 Revenants
7. Space Battle Jeff Williams & Steve Goldshein 2:25 Heavy Metal
8. Heroic Entrance Jeff Williams 0:44 Follow the Leader
9. C.T. Jeff Williams 1:05 Heavy Metal, Follow the Leader
10. Debris Field Jeff Williams 2:59 Turbulence
11. The Darkness of C.T. Jeff Williams 3:35 Turbulence, Oversight
12. Ouch Jeff Williams 0:53 Fall From Heaven
13. Land of Enemies Jeff Williams 1:48 Fall From Heaven
14. Welcome to Maine Jeff Williams 0:25 Fall From Heaven
15. Mental Meta Metal Jeff Williams 4:26 Fighting Fire
16. Mystery Blue Guy Jeff Williams 0:50 C.T.
17. Pray Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall, Red Rapper & Sandy Lee Casey) 2:24 C.T.
18. Training Room Showdown Jeff Williams & Steve Goldshein 2:54 Three's a Crowd
19. Suit Up / Partners in Crime Jeff Williams & Steve Goldshein 1:06 Change of Plans
20. Message from C.T. Jeff Williams & Steve Goldshein 2:51 Remember Me How I Was
21. Tex vs. Tank Jeff Williams (feat. Barbara Laronga) 1:26 Party Crasher
22. Your Catch Jeff Williams 0:20 Party Crasher
23. Twins Jeff Williams 1:01 Party Crasher
24. Ballet Breakup Jeff Williams 1:38 Party Crasher
25. Freelancer Implosion Jeff Williams 2:46 Party Crasher
26. 100 Tex Battle Jeff Williams 1:49 True Colors
27. Finding the Director Jeff Williams 4:25 Don't Say It
28. That's How Voting Works Jeff Williams (feat. Red Team) 2:30 Voting Fever
29. Come On Carolina Jeff Williams (feat. Sean Duggan) 2:51 None
30. Forever Jeff Williams (feat. Casey Williams) 3:41 C.T.
Extra. The More (Clean Version) Jeff Williams (feat. Lamar Hall & Sandy Lee Casey) 2:30 Season 10 Green Band Preview Trailer


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