Red vs. Blue (season 12)

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Red vs. Blue: Season 12
Red vs. Blue s12 DVD.png
Official artwork for Season 12 featuring Tucker, Grif, Washington and Locus
Game(s) Halo 4
Genre(s) Comic science fiction
Running time 5 to 15 minutes; 169 minutes
Directed by Miles Luna
Written by Miles Luna and Burnie Burns
Voices Jason Saldaña
Joel Heyman
Geoff Ramsey
Gus Sorola
Matt Hullum
Dan Godwin
Shannon McCormick
Burnie Burns
Miles Luna
Gray G. Haddock
Lindsay Jones
Kerry Shawcross
Ryan Haywood
Brandon Farmahini
Barbara Dunkelman
Arryn Zech
Shane Newville
Jack Lee
with Yomary Cruz
and Jen Brown
Release(s) April 28, 2014 – September 29, 2014
Format(s) Flash, QuickTime
No. of episodes 19

The twelfth season of the American action comedy science fiction animated/machinima web series Red vs. Blue premiered on April 28, 2014, and concluded on September 29, 2014. The series is created and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions and is loosely based in the Halo universe. It is the second season of the Chorus Trilogy.


Setting and overview[edit]

Chorus, a former UNSC colony, is in the midst of a civil war between the Federal Army of Chorus and the rebel group called the New Republic. The remaining Reds (Grif and Simmons) and Blues (Caboose and Tucker) join the New Republic, and with their help they attempt to rescue Sarge, Donut, Wash and Lopez who were captured by the Feds at the end of the previous season. But the Reds and Blues will soon learn that there are secrets about the Chorus Civil War that will put the fate of Chorus in their hands.


  • Release Date: April 1, 2014
  • Time: 2:17

In a journal entry from Kimball, she recalls the past few weeks, noting their lack of progress. She also comments on the Reds (Grif and Simmons) and Blues (Caboose and Tucker) about their leadership. Kimball expresses doubt that if they can't save Sarge, Donut, Wash, and Lopez, she wonders how the New Republic can save Chorus. Tucker, overhearing her, simply says "Meh, we'll wing it."


No. Overall No. in Season Title Episode Length Original release date
220 1 "Oh Captains, My Captains" 5:26 April 28, 2014 (2014-04-28)
In the first episode of the season, Caboose, Grif, Simmons and their squads attempt to attack a Federal Army of Chorus compound. Grif nearly blows their cover when he tries to change his squad's name from Gold to Orange, which annoys Simmons as he tries to bypass the compound's gate. When the gate does open, Caboose goes in guns blazing, not realizing there is another gate to get through, after which it opens and Caboose goes in guns blazing again. Grif becomes annoyed when Simmons doesn't scold Caboose for risking blowing their cover, and then comments on Simmon's inability to communicate with his all-female squad, which makes Simmons remember his time at junior high. Caboose, Grif and Simmons then initiate the attack on the FAC compound, but quickly falls apart as the squads become unorganized. A horn is blown, and it is revealed that it is a training exercise. Vanessa Kimball comes out, upset over the squads' inability to work together and cracking under pressure. Kimball tells Caboose, Grif and Simmons to encourage their squads to do better next time, but not to lie to them. Meanwhile, Tucker, Felix and their squad are out on a mission scouting a FAC outpost.
221 2 "Hit and Run" 7:07 May 5, 2014 (2014-05-05)
Felix, Tucker and his squad consisting of Palomo, Rogers and Cunningham scout a FAC outpost. Seeing the outpost heavily defended and gathering intelligence impossible, Felix decides to sabotage the outpost with sticky detonators. To make the sabotage easier, Tucker has Rogers and Cunningham knockout two FAC soldiers and use their armor as disguises, leaving Palomo to guard the squads' escape route. Tucker (using a damaged camo unit), Rogers and Cunningham infiltrate the outpost while Felix provides watch. Tucker overhears from two FAC soldiers that a high-ranking FAC officer came in from the city where Sarge, Donut, Wash and Lopez are possibly being held. Tucker heads into the outpost, holds a FAC soldier at gunpoint and forces him to download crucial intelligence, such as where the captured Reds and Blues are. After knocking out the FAC soldier, Tucker is met by Cunningham who warns him that their cover may be blown. Just as Tucker receives the flash drive containing intelligence and going camo, Cunningham is immediately killed by Locus who orders two of his men to sound the alarm for the infiltration. Locus almost discovers Tucker when he hears an explosion and leaves just as Tucker's camo suit malfunctions. Felix detonates a few sticky bombs as distraction to allow the squad to escape. Rogers is mistaken as a bomb disarmament specialist in the confusion and is next to one of the sticky bombs. Tucker and Felix make it back to Palomo at the escape route, where Tucker tells Felix that Locus killed Cunningham. Felix immediately detonates the rest of the sticky bombs, despite Rogers being next to one of the sticky bombs which explodes.
222 3 "Something Else Entirely" 7:33 May 12, 2014 (2014-05-12)
At the New Republic HQ, Grif is telling a group of Rebels the time he and the Reds and Blues fought against the Meta, comparing the Meta's strength to ten bears. Simmons eventually arrives, and when his squad ask him about the Meta, he says the Meta actually had the strength of twenty bears. Kimball over the intercom calls for Caboose, Grif and Simmons to come to her office. They run into Tucker and Felix who just returned from their mission, which resulted in obtaining key FAC intelligence but at the cost of Cunningham and Rogers being killed. Kimball eventually arrives and tells Tucker that he'll have to come to terms with the decisions he made. Kimball reveals that she knows where the FAC are holding the captured Reds and Blues, at a compound north of a mountain range. But she reveals that the FAC move them regularly, and will move them again at the end of the week to the capital of Chorus. The Reds and Blues are eager to get their captured friends, but Felix tells them the compound the captured Reds and Blues are at is twice the size of the compound he and Tucker recently raided. Kimball tells the Reds and Blues that she envisioned them what a soldier is supposed to be, but after meeting them, she sees them as misfits which the Rebels can relate to and why morale is high. Kimball gives the Reds and Blues five days to organize their squads and come up with a plan to save their captured friends. The guys converse over their situation, when Felix arrives and tells them to fight another day. Felix also tells them that since the New Republic has little money, he gets his cut from old alien weapons, which he can sell for more money. Felix offers to help the Reds and Blues in exchange for a one-time fee which includes Tucker's sword. Tucker suggests to Felix to help them for free because it is the right thing. Felix reminds them that they at first rejected the New Republic's offer to join, and believes that if the other Reds and Blues weren't captured, they still wouldn't join the New Republic despite it being the right thing to do. Felix finishes by telling them that everyone has a price, and they're no exception.
223 4 "Teaming With Problems" 6:46 May 19, 2014 (2014-05-19)
At the New Republic HQ, Caboose, Tucker, Grif and Simmons gather their lieutenants Smith, Bitters and Jensen (including Palomo) to discuss the upcoming mission to save the captured Reds and Blues. The guys tell the lieutenants and Palomo that they have five days to train and come up with a plan to save the captured Reds and Blues. Before the squads begin training, Smith, Caboose's lieutenant, asks who will be leading the team on the mission, which prompts an "election" with Caboose, Tucker, Grif and Simmons campaigning for leadership. Felix eventually arrives and comments on them wasting the morning with campaigning. Tucker, the last one to campaign, admits to the lieutenants he doesn't want to be a leader and deal with the responsibilities of being leader, but is willing to deal with it to save the captured Reds and Blues. Smith, Bitters, Jensen and Palomo all vote for Tucker to be team leader. Felix sarcastically compares this to the Hindenburg incident, which ended in complete disaster.
224 5 "Training Daze" 6:31 June 2, 2014 (2014-06-02)
The Reds, Blues and their squad are about to begin their training, with the main objective being to apprehend Felix, who if apprehended will give the go ahead to Kimball to let the team rescue the captured Reds and Blues. The team fails again and again miserably and embarrassingly as other New Republic soldiers are watching and laughing at their expense. Tucker grows frustrated and confronts Felix about why he does not lighten up and allow them to win. Felix tells them that Tucker and the others will die if they attempt to rescue the captured Reds and Blues. Kimball eventually arrives and breaks up the argument. Felix tells Tucker before leaving that while he may not care about losing people, Tucker does. Kimball then approaches Tucker with some likely bad news.
225 6 "Reflections" 7:57 June 9, 2014 (2014-06-09)

Tucker and Kimball privately talk about the civil war and why Felix is in it. Kimball reveals that Felix had been fighting in the war before she became an officer and that she's the fourth leader of the New Republic, as her predecessors were all killed. Tucker asks Kimball what makes her think Felix, being a mercenary, won't just end up leaving with his money. Kimball tells Tucker that Felix is in the war not only for money and what keeps him motivated to win the war is the thing why the New Republic aren't close to victory and what captured the other Reds and Blues, Locus. Kimball tells Tucker that Felix and Locus were once partners in the UNSC during the Great War and saw some of the worst fighting in the war. They never got along and were always competitive, but they were willing to work together to survive. After the war, they both couldn't stand the civilian life, so they became mercenaries and were hired by the New Republic and FAC respectively to fight for them in the civil war. Kimball says that the civil war may finally show who is the better soldier between Felix and Locus. Kimball reminds Tucker that everyone has their own reasons of being in the civil war. She also reminds him that the five-day limit of saving the captured Reds and Blues is almost up and that he and the others need to make the most of it.

Meanwhile, Grif gathers Bitters, Smith, Jensen and Palomo for an emergency. Grif believes one of them has eaten his secret food stash, and when he finds out it was Bitters, he scolds him and accidentally calls Mathews, who was passing by, Simmons. Simmons, having watched this, thinks that since Grif is in a position of power like being captain he is becoming more like Sarge, which horrifies Grif. Tucker eventually arrives and tells the guys that they are leaving the base.
226 7 "Self Assessment" 6:41 June 16, 2014 (2014-06-16)

At the New Republic HQ, Tucker informs Caboose, Grif and Simmons that they are leaving to rescue the captured Reds and Blues. Tucker tells the guys that they are going alone without the help of their squad, fearing they might get killed. The guys have concerns, but Tucker reminds them of the past adventures they went through and managed to survive them by just winging it. Tucker already has taken the data he took from the FAC from Kimball's office that he and the guys will follow to the FAC compound where the captured Reds and Blues are. The guys eventually agree, steal two warthogs and leave the Rebel Base. Felix, Kimball, Bitters, Smith, Palomo and Jensen find a recording of the Reds and Blues stating they have already left.

The Reds and Blues stop at a gas station to refuel their warthogs, but the gas station seems abandoned. When the guys hear a noise, they investigate and discover a group of silver soldiers conversing. The mysterious squad, apparently working for Locus, are contacted by him to report back to the compound, as the captured Reds and Blues will be requiring an escort. Thinking that the captured Reds and Blues are about to be moved again, the guys quickly head for the FAC compound.
227 8 "Thin Ice" 6:54 June 23, 2014 (2014-06-23)

At the New Republic HQ, Smith, Bitters, Palomo and Jensen talk about the Reds and Blues leaving them behind. Smith tells them that Kimball has denied a search and rescue mission. Bitters believes that the guys never really cared about them though Palomo believes that they may come back. Felix arrives and tells them that they shouldn't be too hard on the Reds and Blues, as they did what they thought was best. But Felix tells the lieutenants that he's still going to beat them up when he finds them.

Meanwhile, Caboose, Tucker, Grif and Simmons have arrived at the FAC base where the captured Reds and Blues are being held. As the guys try to figure out dumb ways to get through the obstacle, Caboose suggests they melt their way in (The FAC base is at a cold and snowy environment). Tucker uses his plasma sword to create an entrance into the base, but it results in the group falling into a tunnel and their impact alerts a Fed. The guys hide in Grif's emergency snowmen and the distracted guard is killed by Tucker. Simmons, looking at the data the guys have, says there is nothing between them and the detention area, though the openness will have them get spotted easily. Tucker notices that there are no Feds around, but they instantly return to their posts from a lunch break. To get to the detention area, Tucker suggests that they create a diversion that will distract the Feds away from the detention area. Caboose does this by sabotaging the base's main sewage pipe, which leaks into the barracks. The Feds frantically head to the barracks and paying no attention to the guys as they head to the detention area. As they try to figure out a way into the detention area, the doors open and they come face to face with Sarge, Donut, Wash and Lopez who apparently broke out. The now reunited Reds and Blues become confused when they learn that they were supposed to save each other.
228 9 "The Federal Army of Chorus" 14:41 July 7, 2014 (2014-07-07)

The episode takes place a few weeks earlier before Thin Ice back at Crash Site Bravo, when Sarge, Donut and Wash are captured by the FAC. Locus reminds Wash he gave them a choice to surrender and they instead chose to fight, which he admires. Wash goes unconscious from his injuries and suffers flashbacks from his time as a Recovery agent, such as being given a mission to find and kill South in Reconstruction and shooting Donut and Lopez in Recreation. At a FAC base, Sarge, Donut and Wash are handcuffed with Sarge calling the Feds dirt-bags. A high-ranking officer arrives and instead of questioning them, he apologizes and orders a guard to un-cuff them and return their weapons, which confuses Sarge, Donut and Wash. Wash, angry about the conflict he and the others went through, holds the officer at gunpoint but the officer faints.

The guys head outside still confused about the situation. The officer, introducing himself as General Donald Doyle, questions the guys on how much they really know about the New Republic. Doyle gives more backstory on Chorus' history, revealing that the New Republic aren't looking to free Chorus, but to dominate it. Doyle admits that times have been hard on Chorus, but despite being cut off from the UNSC the FAC were able to keep the peace, until the New Republic emerged with bombings and riots which Doyle considers not acts of freedom but acts of terrorism. Doyle then says that he ordered Locus and his men to confirm the location of the Reds and Blues and bring them to him as soon as possible, but admits that he should have been more specific on how Locus should have completed the mission. Doyle admits to the guys that he has very little military training and was actually a personal secretary to a brigadier general, but the FAC's previous military leaders either left before the civil war began or have died during the civil war, leaving him in charge of the FAC. Doyle tells the guys that escaping Chorus is impossible now, but promises them that if they help the FAC defeat the "terrorists" and rescue the other Reds and Blues, they'll be free to leave Chorus. The guys, feeling uneasy about the situation, agree to join the FAC.

The guys then find Lopez who has been repaired. Wash asks a guard where Freckles is, but Locus arrives and reveals that the Mantis was malfunctioning and had to be destroyed. Locus then tells the guys that his and the soldiers' attacks were aimed to only wound the Reds and Blues and apprehend them, but he was unable to complete the mission due to Felix and the New Republic intervening. Before leaving, Locus gives Wash Freckles' memory chip. The guys are soon informed by Doctor Emily Grey, who is revealed to have performed surgery on Wash, that they will be shipping out for a mission after Wash has a check-up with her tomorrow morning. The guys still feel uneasy about the situation they are in, but Wash says that they will have to go along with the FAC for now and hopes that the others aren't in too deep.
229 10 "Cloak and Dagger" 10:03 July 14, 2014 (2014-07-14)

Continuing from Thin Ice, the now reunited Reds and Blues discuss about the New Republic and the FAC, seeing as both sides are in dire situations and are not guilt-free of their actions during the civil war. Wash suggests that if they can get Doyle and Kimball to meet and come to an understanding, then the civil war will end and they can get to leave Chorus and go home. Simmons points out to the guys that the FAC base's alarm isn't sounding off anymore. When the Reds and Blues head outside, a battle apparently had taken place but no soldiers are in sight. A FAC soldier radios through a warthog that he and the others are under attack by unknown enemy contacts. Sarge, Donut and Lopez take a rocket warthog to establish a perimeter. A FAC soldier runs to Sarge and informs him that the New Republic isn't attacking, but he is disintegrated before he could reveal who is. The FAC soldiers are all massacred, though Doctor Grey is still alive. After escaping an exploding warthog, the Reds and Blues are held at gunpoint by Locus and his squad, who are revealed to have killed the FAC soldiers. Felix suddenly arrives and saves Wash from Locus' sniper shot.

In a twist, Felix shows his true colors and reveals that he and Locus and his squad are actually working together for an employer they call "Control". Felix further reveals to the Reds and Blues that Control has had its focus on Chorus for an unknown reason, but the inhabitants proved to be a problem, and had Felix and Locus infiltrate the New Republic and FAC respectively to keep the civil war going, hoping that the two warring sides will kill each other off to avoid suspicion (This also reveals that Felix and Locus had sabotaged past attempts of peace talks between the New Republic and FAC). He also reveals that when the Reds and Blues arrived on Chorus, "Control" wanted them alive so they would join the New Republic and FAC respectively to speed up the civil war. Locus finishes by pointing out that no one will rescue the Reds and Blues and they are going to die along with everyone else on Chorus. A female member of Locus' squad turns on them and in the ensuing firefight is stabbed in her right leg by Felix, but she uses a "future" cube to teleport herself, the Reds and Blues and even Doctor Grey to safety. Teleported to a forest, the mercenary reveals herself to be Agent Carolina. Church appears next to her as a holographic A.I. Tucker, angry at Church for leaving the Reds and Blues after their ship crashed, attempts to tackle him, only to fall right through him as Church is a hologram.
230 11 "Long Time No See" 9:03 July 21, 2014 (2014-07-21)
Set a few weeks before Cloak and Dagger, Church and Carolina infiltrate a mercenary-controlled munitions plant to recover data on stolen Freelancer equipment. When escape is blocked by enemy soldiers, Church (with help from A.I. memory fragments of Delta, Theta, Gamma, Eta, Iota, Sigma, and Omega) helps Carolina dispatch the soldiers and escape from the munitions plant. At a safe distance from the plant, Carolina looks through schematics of advanced prototype weapons, which are apparently sought after by the mercenaries and their employer "Control". Church shows Carolina a clip he intercepted from a conversation between Locus and Control. Control is concerned about the loss of his property due to a raid on a FAC outpost, though Locus says he eliminated the leader of the outpost for the loss. Felix then joins the conversation, pointing out that the Reds and Blues are proving more of a handful than being assets in their plans. He also tells Locus and Control that if the Reds and Blues reunite, their operation may be exposed, though Control believes they won't. Locus, not convinced, questions Control on what they should do if the Reds and Blues do reunite, which Control replies that they will kill the Reds and Blues. Church convinces Carolina to put a hold on their search for stolen equipment to save the Reds and Blues, and puts up a schematic of a "future" cube they could use to get to the Reds and Blues in time.
231 12 "The Reunion" 8:44 July 28, 2014 (2014-07-28)

After Doctor Grey tends to Carolina's leg wound, she and Church tell the Reds and Blues that they've picked up a transmission between mercenaries selling Project Freelancer equipment, they left to investigate (This explains their no-show during Season 11). Church and Carolina reveal that Control's mercenaries have obtained Project Freelancer weapons and equipment and are mass-producing them and improving them to the point where some of the equipment don't need A.I. assistance. Simmons points out the UNSC confiscated the equipment after Project Freelancer was defeated, but Carolina reveals that the equipment was put on the Reds and Blues' ship. She also says the ship conveniently crash-landed on a war-torn planet in need of war supplies, implying that Control had the mercenaries sabotage the ship to crash on Chorus (A flashback shows Simmons updating the ship's computer that may have caused the crash, but he and the other Reds and Blues are not responsible). Tucker reminds the group that they need to warn the FAC and New Republic about the mercenaries' true plans. With Locus, Felix and the mercenaries infiltrating both the FAC and New Republic and watching Doyle and Kimball closely, Carolina says that they can't trust anyone and can't warn the respective sides yet, as they need more information on the mercenaries. Church and Carolina finish by stating that the mercenaries have plans for different scenarios, and that regardless of what it is, they're going to finish what they've started.

Elsewhere, Locus and Felix argue about the events in Cloak and Dagger, with Felix blaming Locus for not realizing Carolina had infiltrated his squad and Locus blaming Felix for letting his ego prevent him from killing the Reds and Blues when they had a chance. Control, intending to further chastise Locus and Felix for their failure, instead suggests to take the opportunity at hand with the Reds and Blues missing. Control orders Locus and Felix to report back to their respective sides and inform them about the Reds and Blues' "deaths", which would make them martyrs and push towards a final confrontation between the New Republic and the FAC.
232 13 "Catch Up, No Mustard" 8:09 August 11, 2014 (2014-08-11)
At the Reds and Blues' camp, Carolina tries to convince Grif to give up his laser rifle so she can look at it, who fears he won't see it again like his "Grif Shot" (The Meta's old weapon). Church temporarily possesses Grif into giving the rifle to Carolina. Church and Carolina leave to look at the rifle, leaving the Reds and Blues to reconnect, but they too leave except Caboose and Wash when Caboose asks Wash about Freckles. Wash, trying to make things easy, gives Caboose Freckles' memory chip and reveals that it's all that is left of Freckles. Wash is surprised to see Caboose still happy to see Freckles again, which relieves Wash. Grif eventually gets his laser rifle back from Carolina and accidentally shoots at her. Doctor Grey says that the rifle and other weapons and equipment like it are actually based on alien technology, which means that the mercenaries are having the ancient alien weapons and equipment reversed-engineered. In order to find out who had the weapons and equipment on the Reds and Blues' crashed ship and are manufacturing more of them on Chorus, Carolina suggests that they split into two teams to search both halves of the crashed ship: one team going back to Crash Site Bravo, and the other team going to Crash Site Alpha.
233 14 "Crash Site Crashers" 8:50 August 18, 2014 (2014-08-18)

At the New Republic HQ, Felix tries to comfort Kimball over the Reds and Blue's "death". Felix attempts to convince Kimball to lead the Rebels into a final confrontation with the FAC at the planet capital Armonia where they are holding a rally for a final push. Using the Reds and Blue's sacrifice as inspiration for the Rebels, Kimball eventually agrees with Felix and begins making preparations.

Meanwhile, the Reds and Blues head for the two halves of the crashed ship to find the ship's manifest: the Reds heading back to Crash Site Bravo while the Blues with Church and Carolina go to Crash Site Alpha. At Crash Site Bravo, Grif and Simmons reminisce about their time with the Rebels while Sarge and Donut download the manifest from a computer. At Crash Site Alpha, the Blues, Church and Carolina find an old alien ship that had also crash landed on Chorus (Which may explain how the mercenaries were able to obtain alien weapons). The team eventually finds a computer and begin downloading the manifest. Control's mercenaries, somehow aware of this, attempt to kill the team by boxing them in. Seeing them as sitting ducks, Tucker takes the drive out a moment too soon, forcing Carolina to teleport the team back to their camp. Church becomes furious with Tucker over losing the chance of obtaining a copy of the manifest, but the Reds return with a copy of the manifest with ease. Suddenly a mercenary, somehow having been teleported back with the Blues, tries to assassinate Caboose but is knocked out by Carolina. This causes Carolina's right leg to be re-injured and loses a lot of blood while the Reds and Blues restrain the mercenary.
234 15 "Accentuate and Interrogative" 7:58 August 25, 2014 (2014-08-25)
At the Reds and Blues' camp, Tucker tells Wash about the choices he has made and the bad results that happened. Wash tells him that there is no right or wrong answer to his choices and that he has to do what he think is best. Wash also comments on Tucker being a better soldier than when they first met. Simmons approaches Tucker and Wash, asking Wash to try to calm Carolina down who is trying to get information from the captured mercenary with no success. Church is having problems accessing the crashed ship's manifest because it is locked after the Reds accessed it without proper clearance. Doctor Grey volunteers to interrogate the mercenary and she uses surgical equipment to torture the mercenary, terrifying the Reds and Blues as they can hear the mercenary's screams. The torture makes him give up coordinates to a nearby radio jammer on a coast which blocks radio contact to Armonia. The mercenary further reveals to Wash and Carolina that the tower at Crash Site Alpha is an ancient alien tractor beam the mercenaries use to bring down ships to Chorus so they could raid them, kill the crew and sell the weapons and supplies to the New Republic and the FAC. He says that the Reds and Blues' ship tried to jump to slipspace, change course and power down at the same time which caused the ship to split into two (The shenanigans of the Reds and Blues on the ship from the previous season inadvertently saved their lives). He reveals to Wash and Carolina that there are only a few dozen mercenaries on Chorus which he says is enough to get the job done. He also tells Wash and Carolina that the mercenaries' client (Control in this case) has spent a lot of time, money and resources on the operation on Chorus. The prisoner is killed when more mercenaries attack the camp, forcing the Reds and Blues to leave via future cubes. Teleported to the abandoned gas station, the Reds and Blues try to understand how the mercenaries keep finding them. Wash soon realizes that Freckles' memory chip is also a tracking device.
235 16 "Out of the Frying Pan" 8:42 September 1, 2014 (2014-09-01)

At concurrent times at their respective headquarters, Doyle and Kimball give the FAC and New Republic respectively speeches about the impending final conflict for Chorus. At Armonia, Locus informs Doyle that the New Republic has sent Felix out on a mission, and Locus is going to find him, causing Doyle to panic as he wants Locus to stay. Locus assures Doyle that after he deals with Felix, he'll come back to "take care" of Doyle.

At the abandoned gas station, Church debugs Freckles' memory chip so the mercenaries won't find the Reds and Blues anymore. Tensions start to boil over between Tucker and Church as they argue over what they've done to each other ever since Church and Carolina came back. When Wash and Carolina leave to search the perimeter, Tucker asks Caboose why he's not angry at Church for leaving them behind. Caboose gives a motivational speech on people being mean to others would lead them to being mean back, how pointless it is to be angry all the time and that while someone may try to do something good, they may make a mistake along the way and everyone makes mistakes like Church did. Caboose ends the speech by telling Tucker to get over his issues with Church. This prompts Tucker to make amends with Church, as they both eventually agree that they have been hard on each other with Tucker admitting being a dick since Church got back and Church admitting that he should have said something before leaving the Reds and Blues in the first place. Tucker and Church eventually reconcile. Suddenly the Reds and Blues' radios are hacked into by Felix, who offers them a one-time only deal: a one-way first-class flight off of Chorus.
236 17 "Multiple Choice" 8:08 September 15, 2014 (2014-09-15)

Still in radio contact with the Reds and Blues, Locus and Felix, stationed at the radio jammer the Reds and Blues have coordinates to, informs them that the FAC and New Republic are converging at Armonia, where the ensuing battle will leave no survivors. Believing the Reds and Blues have failed in saving Chorus, Locus and Felix reveal that Control is willing to give the Reds and Blues a chance to save themselves with a deal: if they return to Crash Site Bravo, there will be a ship waiting there that will take the Reds and Blues off Chorus and send them home. The Reds and Blues are not convinced, but Locus has them see a transport he mentioned beforehand leaving the fuel station. Locus and Felix inform the Reds and Blues that if they decide to leave there is one condition: they are to never tell anyone what happened on Chorus, as Control will know if they say anything. Before ending radio contact, Locus informs the Reds and Blues that they have an hour to accept the deal, and if they refuse, the mercenaries will find and kill them.

Meanwhile, the New Republic infiltrates Armonia as Palomo, Smith, Bitters and Jensen lead a group of rebels into the city. Unbeknownst to them are cloaked mercenaries watching them, who are ordered to ensure that no one leaves the city alive.

Back at the abandoned gas station, the Reds and Blues contemplate the deal from Control and the choices they have. Church tells the Reds and Blues that they all have three options:

Option A: The Reds and Blues go to a remote location and stay low for a while until they can find enough information on Control and the mercenaries to bring them down. However, they will not be able to prevent the FAC and the New Republic from destroying each other.

Option B: Based on if Locus and Felix are telling the truth, they all accept the deal and return to Crash Site Bravo and take the transport home. If anyone asks, they stole the transport and escaped Chorus before the FAC and New Republic destroyed each other.

Option C: The Reds and Blues teleport to the radio jammer, fight off the mercenaries and the defenses, shut down the jammer, and then reveal to the FAC and New Republic the mercenaries' true plans. But, the mercenaries defending the jammer are equipped with stolen Project Freelancer equipment and armed with advanced alien weapons, meaning that most of the Reds and Blues won't survive. Even if they do somehow manage to shut down the jammer in time, they would have to convince the FAC and New Republic that the "dead" people are alive and telling the truth.

Despite the options, Wash has a fourth option: he, Church and Carolina do Option A while the Reds and Blues do Option B. The Reds and Blues are reluctant to leave Chorus behind, but Doctor Grey reminds them that the civil war is not their responsibility as they already accomplished their goals and suggests they take the opportunity to leave.

Back at Armonia, Kimball and New Republic forces move further into the capital, but they are soon surrounded by FAC forces. Kimball and her team are cornered by a FAC squad led by Doyle himself.
237 18 "Fed vs. New" 15:10 September 22, 2014 (2014-09-22)

At the radio jammer, Locus radios to a team at Crash Site Bravo if the Reds and Blues have arrived as the one-hour deadline is near. The team reports that the Reds and Blues haven't arrived. Felix, noticing something odd, asks Locus how many mercenaries are with them, with Locus replying four while the rest are at Armonia watching the FAC and New Republic. Felix exposes the fifth "mercenary" who is Carolina in disguise. Wash tries to get the jump on Felix, but he gets jumped on by Locus instead. Holding Wash and Carolina captive, Locus and Felix have the mercenaries look for the Reds and Blues when Caboose accidentally fires his assault rifle. Felix asks Wash and Carolina what they and the Reds and Blues would have been able to do here. Wash replies not much, and tells Locus and Felix that they forgot to take in account a genius (Doctor Grey) and a dog (Freckles). As he says this, two mercenaries search a cave but are caught off guard when Caboose's assault rifle, controlled by Freckles, kills one of the mercenaries and the fight between the mercenaries and the Reds and Blues begin. The Reds and Blues manage to take out the remaining mercenaries while Wash and Carolina fight Locus and Felix. Locus knocks Carolina out and then takes on Wash while Felix then takes on Tucker.

Meanwhile back in Armonia, Kimball and Doyle stare each other down, accusing each other of killing the Reds and Blues in cold blood. To instigate the battle, a mercenary uses a sniper rifle to kill one of the Rebels in Kimball's squad, beginning the battle for Chorus between the FAC and the New Republic.

Back at the radio jammer, Wash searches for a cloaked Locus, who of which questions Wash's reasons for fighting and states that he was once a real soldier. Wash on the other hand states that he was a different person then and questions why Locus differentiates a soldier and a human being. Locus explains that a soldier does not question his orders and simply does what is expected of him, but Wash describes Locus as a coward for hiding behind his "soldier" ideology instead of owning up to his past actions. This results in Locus tackling Wash.

Meanwhile, Tucker faces off with Felix. Felix reveals that he was able to convince Kimball and the New Republic that the Reds and Blues died heroically and launch an attack on Armonia, which he says he gave a performance of lifetime. Felix then begins a monologue on how he, Locus and the mercenaries had been playing the people of Chorus for years to further their goals. Felix then realizes that the Reds and Caboose are trying to jump him and uses a sticky detonator to incapacitate them, and stabs Tucker in the stomach. Felix continues his monologue to Tucker by saying that the only reason the Reds and Blues were alive up to this point was so that they can be used to speed up the Chorus Civil War, as Control believes that the idiocy and incompetence of the Reds and Blues will rack up more deaths for the armies and would later then have the Reds and Blues killed. Felix ends by saying that if he is stronger and faster than anyone then he has the right to kill them.

Tucker, wounded, is able to reveal Church to Felix who becomes confused. Tucker reminds Felix that as an A.I., Church can help him run his equipment, more specifically his helmet cam. At this point it's revealed that Tucker had been recording Felix this whole time. In response, the Reds, Caboose, Doctor Grey and Carolina recover and disable the radio jammer. Church sends the recorded video to Armonia, where Kimball, Doyle, the FAC and the New Republic watch the video of Felix's monologue exposing the mercenaries' involvement in the Chorus Civil War.

A mercenary at Armonia tells Locus that everyone knows about the mercenaries' plans, which prompts Locus to regroup with Felix and declare the mission on Chorus a failure. Before retreating with Felix, Locus assures the Reds and Blues that it is not over between them. After Locus, Felix and the mercenaries retreat, Tucker passes out from his wounds and is tended to by Doctor Grey, while Kimball and Doyle are heard through the radio standing down their armies and Kimball trying to contact the Reds and Blues.
238 19 "You Know Who We Are" 13:41 September 29, 2014 (2014-09-29)

At the New Republic HQ, Palomo dramatically tells his comrades about how he looked after Tucker while he was hurt, after the Feds and Rebels rescued the Reds and Blues from the radio jammer station. Tucker, having healed from his wounds, interrupts Palomo and explains what really happened. Following this, Tucker, Simmons, Caboose, and Grif thank Jensen, Palomo, Bitters, and Smith for rescuing them, though Grif explains that they never intended to be rescued and saved them strictly for selfish reasons. In response, the recruits thank the four captains as well. Meanwhile, Kimball and Doyle, after agreeing to a truce, discuss moving the New Republic to Armonia, though Doyle is reluctant. The two then thank Washington, Sarge, Donut, and Lopez for their help, but Wash tells them to thank Tucker, as he was the one who formulated the entire plan. When Doyle asks the four if he can do anything for them, Sarge requests for a rank higher than Captain. In accordance to his request, Doyle promotes Sarge to Colonel, with the latter gloating it to Grif. Near the cavern lake, Church finally manages to decrypt the crashed ship's manifest, with help from Delta, and proceeds to process it. After he finishes, he reveals to Carolina that Charon Industries, a large corporation specializing in cryogenics, technology, and weaponry, owned many of the equipment on the ship. He then explains that Project Freelancer stole certain pieces of equipment from Charon’s private security force, mainly known to the Freelancers as the Resistance (Also known as the Insurrection), and the company and UNSC have been working closely together. Suddenly, Church soon demands to speak to Dr. Grey, in order to gain all known radio frequencies used by the mercenaries that the crew captured.

Meanwhile, Control scolds Locus and Felix for their failure and decides that, due to their operation being in jeopardy, they will go to war against the Reds, Blues and the Chorus armies. Suddenly, the Reds and Blues interrupt their transmission and acknowledge Control’s true identity: Malcom Hargrove, CEO of Charon Industries and the Chairman of the UNSC Oversight Subcommittee. The Reds and Blues then confidently inform the Chairman and the mercenaries that they, the FAC, and the New Republic will join forces and accept his declaration of war, finishing that they are not going anywhere.

In a post-credits scene, the Chairman asks F.I.L.S.S., who is shown to have been recovered, to verify Locus' delivery of a crate. F.I.L.S.S., unhappily, assures him that the crate from the ship was in fact delivered, much to the Chairman's satisfaction. It is then revealed that the crate encased the armor of Agent Maine, the Meta.


  • Jason Saldaña: Lavernius Tucker
  • Joel Heyman: Michael J. Caboose
  • Geoff Ramsey: Dexter Grif
  • Gus Sorola: Richard Simmons
  • Matt Hullum: Sarge
  • Dan Godwin: Franklin Donut
  • Shannon McCormick: Washington
  • Burnie Burns: Epsilon Church and Lopez
  • Miles Luna: Felix
  • Gray G. Haddock: Locus and General Donald Doyle
  • Lindsay Jones: Vanessa Kimball
  • Kerry Shawcross: Private Charles Palomo
  • Ryan Haywood: Lieutenant John Elizabeth Andersmith (aka "Smith")
  • Brandon Farmahini: Lieutenant Antoine Bitters
  • Barbara Dunkelman: Lieutenant Katie Jensen
  • Arryn Zech: Doctor Emily Grey
  • Shane Newville: Freckles
  • Jen Brown: Carolina
  • Yomary Cruz: F.I.L.S.S.
  • Jack Lee: Malcolm Hargrove
  • Ray Narvaez, Jr.: B.H. McCallister
  • Michael Jones: B.B. Ghanoush


Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by Trocadero
Released October 24, 2014
Genre Alternative rock
Length 58:38
Label Rooster Teeth Productions
Trocadero chronology
When We're Together
(2014)When We're Together2014
Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack
Red vs. Blue: Season 13 (Original Soundtrack)
(2015)Red vs. Blue: Season 13 (Original Soundtrack)2015
Singles from Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack
  1. "Contact"

The soundtrack for season 12 of Red vs. Blue, titled Red vs. Blue Season 12 Soundtrack, was released by Trocadero on October 24, 2014.[1]

Track listing
No. Song Title Artist(s) Length
1. Relay (Intro) Trocadero 0:24
2. Chorus Trocadero 2:06
3. Loom Trocadero 1:28
4. Radio Check Trocadero 0:44
5. Finger Pushups Trocadero 1:44
6. Reconnoiterish Trocadero 0:44
7. Hit and Run Trocadero 1:50
8. Colony Ride for Sale, Cheap Trocadero 0:31
9. Control Trocadero 2:28
10. Schemer Trocadero 0:52
11. Bad Memories Trocadero 0:50
12. Mjsd Trocadero 1:34
13. Soul Clef XI (Redux) Trocadero 1:08
14. Vanessa Trocadero 1:47
15. Taco Night Trocadero 0:56
16. Saltine Trocadero 3:49
17. Manticore Blues Trocadero 0:57
18. Crossfire Rag Trocadero 1:16
19. Blue Leader Trocadero 1:04
20. July Trocadero 1:06
21. New Horizon Trocadero 1:13
22. Soul Clef XI Trocadero 3:10
23. Link Trocadero 0:59
24. All or Nothing Trocadero 0:46
25. Pregame 18 Trocadero 0:36
26. Prancing Bull Trocadero 2:45
27. Relay (Epistolary) Trocadero 0:57
28. Half Life Trocadero 4:36
29. Funny Farm Trocadero 5:05
30. Chorus (Demo) Trocadero 0:49
31. Mge Trocadero 2:09
32. Half Life (Instrumental) Trocadero 4:41
33. Contact Trocadero 3:34


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