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Roasted piglet or pečenje (pech-EH-nyeh) in Serbian is a Serbian-Montenegrin national meal. Despite the common translation of "roasted piglet", other varieties of pečenje include sheep (lamb, mutton), beef, veal, goat and chicken, and unlike roasts in many other cultures, Serbian pečenje is often eaten cold.

After the carcass is washed, cleaned and seasoned liberally with salt, it is roasted whole, either on a spit over an open fire or coals, or in a big stone oven ("furuna" or "peć" in Serbian). The finished roast is then cut into small, often square pieces, except for the head, which is served either whole or halved. Other sections are portioned with the skin and fat from that area of the animal. Internal organs such as kidneys or heart are sometimes found on the roast.

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