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For the music genre please see Chinese rock

Rock in China
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Available in English
Revenue self-funded
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Launched April 2004
Current status Active

Rock in China is a website dedicated to the documenting and archiving of contemporary Chinese music, ranging from rock music to punk, metal, electro, jazz and hiphop. It was founded in 2004, and in 2006 became a wiki. The website currently runs on MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki.

Timeline of Rock in China[edit]

In April 2004, Rock in China started as subsection named Metal in China at the Painkiller Heavy Music Magazine.

In December 2006, Rock in China opens a wiki.

February 2007: RiC collaborates with and starts its own non-commercial promotion label, getting bands such as Hang on the Box, Tookoo, No Name, Blood Funk and The Fuck'ndrolls to work with them.

September 2007: The founders of RiC are invited to the China Calling in Berlin 2007 and the German Popkomm 2007.

April 2008: Rock in China becomes a media partner of the German Esplanade.

October 2008: Rock in China becomes a media partner of the 20th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut.

November 2008: Rock in China started a cooperation with the Institute of Sinology at the University of Heidelberg.

Since 2008, Rock in China has been an official partner of the Midi Music Festival, China's largest rock music festival, and has helped to prepare their English-language websites.

In November 2012, Rock in China rolled out Semantic Mediawiki and connected their database to the Open Linked Data Cloud featuring over 50000 data triplets.[1] The same month the page also extended their service to and included non-rock music specific content, including Chinese Opera, classical music of China and Cantopop/Mandopop.

In March 2013, started an academic online project with the aim to map the complete history of Chinese music.[2]


  • Rock in China was featured twice in publications of the Insider's Guide to Beijing series as one of the best websites for foreigners to get infos on Chinese rock. (publications: 2006 and 2007)
  • China Music Radar: "Rock in China is by far the most comprehensive English language resource on Chinese contemporary music." - link
  • Beijing Review: "... the most comprehensive Web portal there is on Chinese rock" - link
  • Smart Shanghai: "... they also provide a great way to kill a few hours on the internet with their wiki articles." - link

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