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Coordinates: 36°08′32″N 115°09′18″W / 36.142290°N 115.154949°W / 36.142290; -115.154949

Approaching the SLS station
Location 2535 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Line(s) Las Vegas Monorail
Platforms Side platform
Disabled access Yes
Opened July 15, 2004[1]

SLS station (originally Sahara) is a station on the Las Vegas Monorail, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The station is a side platform located at the Sahara Hotel and Casino. The Sahara Station could be reached in two ways: from inside the hotel via a hallway located behind the Casbar Theatre Lounge (closed on May 16, 2011) or from street level on Paradise Road behind the Sahara. The tracks just north of Sahara station were designed to provide access to a possible downtown extension of the monorail via the northern portion of the Las Vegas Strip in the area of the Circus Circus Las Vegas and the Riviera.

On March 11, 2011, the Sahara Hotel and Casino announced that it would close its doors May 16, 2011.[2] On the same day of the Sahara's announcement, the Las Vegas Monorail Company announced that the Sahara Station would remain open after the closure of the Sahara.[3]

The Sahara Hotel and Casino re-opened under the name SLS Las Vegas in 2014.[4]

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