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Sheriff Woody
Toy Story character
Sheriff Woody.png
First appearanceToy Story (1995)
Last appearanceLamp Life (2020)
Voiced by
In-universe information
SpeciesCowboy Sheriff Toy Pullstring Doll
  • Sheriff
  • Leader of Andy's Room
  • Second in Command of Bonnie's Room
Significant otherBo Peep

Sheriff Woody Pride[1] is the main character in the Toy Story franchise created by Pixar. He is a pullstring cowboy rag doll and one of the two leaders (along with Buzz Lightyear) of the toys in the movies. In the film, Woody is the beloved toy originally belonging to a boy named Andy Davis. His facial features are based on Tone Thyne, a former Disney animator.[2] He is voiced by Tom Hanks in the feature-length films and short films, and by Tom’s brother Jim Hanks in video games and merchandise.

Since his debut, Woody has remained one of the most famous and beloved film characters of all-time. The character's arc, personality, as well as Tom Hanks' vocal performance, have been the subject of widespread acclaim.


Tom Hanks (in 2019), Woody's primary voice actor

Toy Story[edit]

In Toy Story, Woody was the favorite toy of his owner Andy Davis and was the leader of the toys in Andy's room. However, his position was jeopardized by the arrival of Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut action figure that Andy got as a birthday present. Buzz was convinced he is an actual Space Ranger, and the other toys quickly came to like him more than Woody. Annoyed and jealous, Woody tried to knock Buzz behind a desk, in hopes of retaining his status as Andy's favorite toy; Buzz instead fell out an open window and the other toys accused Woody of getting rid of Buzz on purpose. Although it was just an accident, the toys did not believe Woody and became more antagonistic towards him.

Woody and Buzz eventually wound up in the house of Andy's malicious neighbor Sid Phillips, who liked to destroy toys for fun, after a fight separated them from Andy at a gas station and gets them captured by Sid at Pizza Planet. Buzz became depressed after realizing he was an action figure, but Woody cheered him up by explaining how happy he made Andy. They worked together and eventually reunited with Andy as he and his family move to a new house. Woody was re-accepted amongst the other toys and formed a friendship with Buzz.

Woody's romantic interest in the film is Bo Peep.

Toy Story 2[edit]

In Toy Story 2, Woody was stolen by a toy collector named Al McWhiggin, who spotted Woody at a family yard sale while Woody was trying to save another toy from being sold. At Al's apartment, Woody discovered his past and legacy as the star of a 1950s Western children's show titled Woody's Roundup, which also starred Stinky Pete the Prospector, cowgirl Jessie, and Woody's horse Bullseye. Woody learned that he and the other Roundup toys would be shipped to Japan to be displayed in a toy museum, which will only accept the collection if Woody was in it.

Prospector was never sold until Al found him, and thus had never experienced the love of a child. Prospector was intent to make sure that the Roundup toys got into the museum; he convinced Woody to go along to Japan and forget Andy. Buzz and a few of the toys arrived to rescue Woody, who changed his mind and decided to return home. However, Prospector prevented Woody from leaving the apartment, ultimately leading to a confrontation at the airport, where Prospector's plan was foiled. Woody, Buzz, and the other toys returned to Andy's house, bringing Jessie and Bullseye with them.

Toy Story 3[edit]

In Toy Story 3, Andy was now 17 years old, and preparing to leave for college. When Andy's other toys mistakenly believed that they were thrown out as trash, they decided to donate themselves to the Sunnyside daycare center. While the others chose to stay, Woody attempted to return to Andy, but was instead found and taken home by a little girl named Bonnie, who attended Sunnyside. At Bonnie's house, he became friends with her toys, who were horrified that he came from Sunnyside and told him about the true nature of the daycare.

Woody returned to the daycare, where Andy's toys had been imprisoned by the daycare toys' bitter leader, Lotso. Woody gathered Andy's other toys and helps them to escape, but during a confrontation with Lotso, they wound up inside a dumpster and were taken to a landfill. Andy's toys eventually escaped and returned to his house. Woody arranged for the toys to be donated to Bonnie’s house to enjoy life with a new owner. Andy described to Bonnie how he viewed his old toys and told her that Woody had "been my pal for as long as I can remember," then stated that Woody was his favorite toy because he is loyal and would never give up on anyone which is what makes Woody so special.

Toy Story 4[edit]

In Toy Story 4, Woody was constantly not being played with as much as he used to, unlike all the other toys. Later, Bonnie created a new toy, Forky, who believed he was trash because his body consists primarily of a disposable spork. Woody tried repeatedly to keep Forky from disposing of himself, and in one instance, the two became separated from Bonnie and the other toys while on vacation. While trying to reunite with Bonnie, Woody taught Forky the joys and responsibilities of being a toy. Woody later encountered Bo Peep, who has lived on her own for years without an owner, after being sold by Andy's mother nine years earlier.

Woody and Bo later teamed up to rescue Forky from a doll named Gabby Gabby, who wanted Woody's voice box in return for Forky's release. Woody and Bo got into an argument after their rescue plan failed, with Woody telling Bo that loyalty is something a lost toy wouldn't understand. Woody then agreed to give up his voice box, after realizing Gabby Gabby had lived life as an unwanted toy due to her own defective voice box. Woody and Bo later reconciled and decided to stay together, after Buzz assured Woody that Bonnie will be okay without him. After saying goodbye to his friends, Woody and Bo will now go on to help lost toys find new owners.

Other appearances[edit]

Woody made a cameo in the outtakes of Pixar's 1998 film A Bug's Life as a crew member, clapping the upside-down clapperboard. Then he appeared in the Andy's room sequence of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins where he was voiced by Jim Hanks (Tom Hanks' brother), and the Andy's room intro of the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command television series as a cameo. Later, he appeared in the end credit epilogue of Pixar's 2006 movie Cars as a toy station wagon. He also appeared in the theatrical shorts Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry, and Partysaurus Rex, released from 2011 to 2012. He also appears in the television specials Toy Story of Terror! (2013) and Toy Story That Time Forgot (2014). Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) has appeared and presented at the 68th, the 72nd, and 88th Academy Awards. Woody also appeared in the 2007 film Meet the Robinsons along with Jessie and Bullseye. Woody and Buzz appear as piñatas in Pixar's 2017 film Coco. He also appears in various Disney crossover media, including the Disney Infinity series, Lego The Incredibles and Kingdom Hearts III.

Woody Performing At Disney On Ice.
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Woody is a meetable character at the Disney Parks and Resorts, and can be found alongside Jessie and Bullseye in Frontierland.


Woody is a passionate guy who throws himself into every action. As soon as he has an instinctive thought like "I have to help them," or "I have to run away," he does it with 100-percent commitment. You gotta love that about anybody. What's great is that I get credit for the way the character and the humor come off. I have kids that are now in college come up to me and say, "when you told that neighbor kid to play nice, that really meant a lot to me".

Tom Hanks, on the character of Woody[3]

Woody is an old-fashioned floppy pullstring cowboy doll. The voice-box that is activated by the pullstring says many simple phrases such as "Reach for the sky!", "You're my favorite deputy!", "There's a snake in my boot!", and "Somebody's poisoned the waterhole!". As mentioned in Toy Story 2, his construction includes an "original hand-painted face, natural dyed-blanket stitched vest," and "hand-stitched poly-vinyl hat." Woody wears an empty gun holster at his belt. He is Andy's favorite toy since kindergarten, with a special spot on the bed, and is the leader and the brains of the toys in Andy's room. In Toy Story 2, it is revealed that he starred as the main character from a popular 1950s TV show, Woody's Roundup. When Al is bargaining with Andy's mom in an attempt to take Woody, Andy's mom declines, stating that Woody is "an old family toy." Prospector also directly and derogatorily refers to him as a "hand-me-down cowboy doll" later in the movie. Toy Story director John Lasseter said "we always thought" that Woody was "kind of a hand-me-down" to Andy from his father.[4] Woody is voiced by Tom Hanks in the films and by his brother Jim Hanks on other occasions.[5]

In the films, Woody makes friendships with Buzz and Jessie. Although Woody and Buzz initially have a dislike for each other, they eventually become friends as the first film progresses. Woody and Jessie argue with each other sometimes, but remain close friends.

In the mock outtakes of Toy Story 2, Woody is shown to have a more mischievous side towards Buzz, pulling pranks including hiding in a Buzz Lightyear cardboard box to make faces as Buzz walks past the hundreds of Buzz Lightyear toys on the shelves, drawing on Buzz's helmet, and using Buzz's wings as advertising space for rent when they suddenly pop open for the end scene.

Woody is named after Woody Strode, a character actor known for many roles in Western films.[6] It was revealed in August 2009 by Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich that Woody's official last name is "Pride".[1] Unkrich stated in his Twitter feed that "Woody's actual full name is 'Woody Pride', and has been since the earliest days of developing the original Toy Story."[7]


Buzz Lightyear[edit]

Buzz Lightyear is Woody's best friend throughout the franchise. In Toy Story, the two toys started out as rivals with Woody being jealous when Buzz replaces him as Andy's favorite toy and Buzz thinking that he is a real space ranger, despite Woody trying to persuade him otherwise. Woody's jealousy causes him to accidentally knock Buzz out of Andy's bedroom window. Woody is taken to Pizza Planet where he is reunited with an angry and vengeful Buzz - a fight between the two causes them to become separated from Andy at a gas station and captured by his evil neighbor Sid, who destroys toys, at Pizza Planet. Despite their rivalry, Woody tries to protect Buzz at all costs, knowing that he can't return to Andy's other toys without him. Buzz soon enough realizes he is a toy and is too depressed to help Woody. However, Woody helps Buzz to realize the joy he can bring to a child as a toy, making Buzz accept his true purpose and reconcile with Woody. When Woody saves Buzz from Sid with the help of Sid's toys, Buzz thanks Woody as the two shake hands, ending their tensions and rivalry and their friendship begins. At the end of the film, Woody and Buzz help each other to reunite with Andy and become best friends.

In Toy Story 2, Buzz is horrified when Woody is kidnapped. When realizing that Woody is in Al's Toy Barn, Buzz enlists the help of some of Andy's toys to help him save Woody, noting how Woody previously risked his life to save him. Throughout the journey, Buzz shows his loyalty to Woody by refusing to allow the rescue party to rest until Woody is back home. When he does catch up with Woody, he is upset to hear that Woody would rather be donated to a museum in Japan than return to Andy, who he is convinced will outgrow him. Buzz reluctantly allows Woody to go but not without warning him that being in a museum would mean he could never be loved again. Woody thinks hard about Buzz's words and decides that he cannot abandon Andy but is prevented from leaving. Buzz and the gang travel to the airport where they successfully rescue Woody as well as Jessie and Bullseye. Following the successful rescue mission, the toys return to Andy's house. In the end, Buzz asks if Woody is still worried about Andy. Woody has accepted that Andy will outgrow him, but replies that he will still have Buzz to take care of him.

In Toy Story 3, Buzz and Woody are still best friends - they, like the rest of Andy's toys, have not been played with for years. Buzz attempts to convince a reluctant Woody to go to Sunnyside daycare with the rest of the gang who believe that Andy intended to throw them away - Woody, however, had witnessed Andy attempting to put them in the attic only to accidentally leave them to be thrown out by his mom. When Woody decides to leave daycare, he is upset that Buzz does not wish to do the same to the point that he rejects Buzz's farewell handshake. Later, Woody returns to Sunnyside after hearing his friends are in danger - he helps the other toys to reset Buzz who had been set to his demo mode and brainwashed by Lotso. Later, the toys land up in the garbage dump where Buzz is set back to normal and relieved to see Woody back with the gang. When the toys reach the incinerator, Woody and Buzz hold hands, believing they are about to die. However, they are rescued and when they return to Andy's house and Woody is about to be taken to college with Andy, Woody and Buzz shake hands, sad to be parting ways. However, Woody has himself and the gang donated to Bonnie - a girl from Sunnyside. The two friends are shown comforting one another when they accept their new lives.

In Toy Story 4, Buzz is shown to comfort Woody when Bonnie is neglecting him during playtime. Later, the toys are taken on a road trip, where Buzz offers to help Woody watch over Forky, Bonnie's new toy spork who believes he was made for the trash. When Forky escapes, Woody goes after him. Buzz uses his voice box for guidance - he believes this represents his conscience or inner voice which Woody described to him. Buzz finds Woody and is shocked to find him with their old friend Bo Peep. The three toys work together to rescue Forky. When this fails, Buzz and Bo Peep attempt to convince Woody to return without Forky, but Woody persists as he refuses to leave his friends behind. When Forky returns to the gang without Woody, he tells Buzz that Woody wishes to meet them at the carnival. At the carnival, Woody leaves Bo Peep to return to Bonnie. However, Buzz sees that Woody is doing so with hesitation and eventually shows his friendship for Woody by persuading him to stay with Bo. Before leaving, Woody and Buzz share a brotherly hug, knowing they will always still be friends, no matter what.


Woody and Jessie first meets in Toy Story 2 after Woody is kidnapped by Al McWhiggin who intends to send Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete to a museum in Japan. When Woody reveals he has an owner and wishes to return to him, Jessie begins to resent Woody. It is eventually revealed that Jessie was left in storage after being abandoned by her old owner - this story convinces Woody to not return to Andy. However, when Buzz arrives and convinces Woody to come home, Jessie is tempted especially when she hears that Andy has a younger sister. In the end, Jessie is shown to be happy that Woody brought her home to Andy.

In Toy Story 3, Jessie continually tries to persuade Woody that their time with Andy is over. When the toys are taken to Sunnyside daycare, Woody and Jessie disagree over the latter's belief that Andy does not want them. After Woody leaves, Jessie is shocked to learn that Andy does in fact want them - when Woody returns to Sunnyside knowing his friends are in trouble, Jessie is overjoyed to see him again. When trying to escape, Jessie is the first to try and rescue Woody when he falls into the dumpster. When the toys survive and return to Andy, Jessie wishes Woody the best at college with Andy whilst Woody becomes worried at how Jessie will cope with life in the attic. Woody instead has himself and the gang donated to Bonnie, much to Jessie's delight.

In Toy Story 4, Woody and Jessie do not interact much, however, she is shown to feel sorry for him when he is being neglected by Bonnie. When Woody goes to rescue Forky when Bonnie takes the toys on a road trip, Jessie continually worries about him and does everything she can to prevent Bonnie and her parents from leaving without him. In the end, Woody decides to stay with Bo Peep and shows his trust in Jessie by handing over his sheriff badge to her, effectively making her the new leader of the toys. Jessie in turn gives Woody a sibling-like hug before the two part ways.

Bo Peep[edit]

Bo Peep is Woody's love interest throughout the series. In Toy Story, she frequently gets his attention by pulling him with her shephard's crook . When Buzz becomes Andy's new favorite toy, Bo Peep assures Woody that Andy still loves him. When Buzz is accidentally thrown out of the window, Bo is horrified when the other toys accuse Woody of trying to murder Buzz out of jealousy. She later becomes sad to hear that Woody has also gone missing, still refusing to believe he had intentionally harmed Buzz. However, when the toys see Woody with Buzz's severed arm the next day (Buzz's arm fell off when he tried to fly but Woody used this to pretend to be Buzz when the later refused to shown himself), Bo loses faith in Woody. Nevertheless, she is sad to see how Andy misses Woody, showing she still somewhat believes he did not harm Buzz. Her belief is confirmed when she sees Woody and Buzz trying to catch up with the moving van. By the end of the film, her romantic feelings for Woody are evident when she kisses him under the misletoe at Christmas.

In Toy Story 2, Bo continues to persuade Woody that Andy cares for him and comes close to kissing him whilst saying he is sweet for caring about Andy so much. She is upset when Woody's arm rips and he is placed on the shelf and heartbroken when he is kidnapped. When Buzz enlists a mission to save Woody, Bo gives him a kiss for Woody. At the end of the film, Bo is happy when Woody is back home - the two continue their romantic relationship.

Before Toy Story 3, Bo is given away. Woody is heartbroken over this, evident when her name is mentioned in the list of toys who are no longer with the gang and he reacts sadly.

In Toy Story 4, it is revealed that Bo was sold nine years earlier after helping Woody, Buzz and Jessie to rescue RC. Bo tries to convince Woody to come with her, however, he declines (although initially tempted) when he realises Andy still needs him. During the main events of the film, Woody and Bo are reunited at a carnival where Bo is travelling as a lost toy - the two are delighted to see one another and still harbor romantic feelings. After meeting up with Buzz, Bo helps Woody to rescue Forky. However, the plan fails - when Woody still is determined to rescue Forky, Bo attempts to talk him out of it. An argument nearly causes the two to part ways on bad terms. However, Bo realises that Woody's greatest quality has always been his refusal to leave his friends in danger, which makes her decide to go back to him. In the end, Woody and Bo are about to part ways again. However, with encouragement from Buzz, Woody realises he cannot bare to leave his love again and decides to stay with Bo and help lost toys find owners.

Slinky Dog[edit]

Throughout the series, Slinky is perhaps the toy (aside of Buzz) who is most loyal to Woody. In Toy Story, it is shown that Woody and Slinky enjoy playing checkers together. When Woody tries to convince the other toys that Andy will not replace them, Slinky is shown to be the only one to agree with Woody despite his own fear of being replaced. When Andy receives Buzz, Slinky becomes friendly with him, creating some jealousy in Woody (illustrated when Woody pushes Slinky off the bed when Buzz is petting him). When Woody accidentally knocks Buzz out of the window, Slinky is one of the only toys to believe that Woody had not done so on purpose. When Woody goes missing, Slinky is worried about his friend. The next day, Slinky attempts to help Woody escape from Sid's house, though ultimately abandons this intention when he sees Woody holding Buzz's severed arm, possibly indicating that Woody had indeed harmed Buzz. When Woody and Buzz escape on the moving day, Slinky is the first to show guilt over not believing that Woody was telling the truth about not harming Buzz. Slinky attempts to help Woody and Buzz onto the truck but becomes overstretched and is shown to regret being unable to help his friends. He is however happy when Woody and Buzz manage to make it home in the end.

In Toy Story 2, Slinky manages to find Woody's hat for which Woody is grateful to him. Later, Slinky is devastated when Woody gets stolen and accompanies Buzz on a rescue mission to bring Woody home. When the gang reach Woody, Slinky is particularly devastated to hear that Woody does not wish to return to Andy and takes a last look at his old friend. However, Slinky later shows relief on hearing Woody wants to come back home.

In Toy Story 3, Slinky along with the rest of the gang attempt to persuade Woody to stay at Daycare when they believe Andy has outgrown them. After experiencing a rough play time, Slinky is shown to be sad for not listening to Woody and is delighted when Woody returns to rescue them. Slinky is more than willing to assist Woody in escaping the Daycare centre. When the toys escape and return to Andy, Slinky wishes his old friend the best at college with Andy. In the end, however, Woody and the gang are donated to Bonnie.

Slinky's role in Toy Story 4 is small so he has little interaction with Woody. Nevertheless, he is shown to give Woody a goodbye hug in the end.


In Toy Story, Rex is shown to annoy Woody by attempting to scare him. When Woody accidentally knocks Buzz out of the window, Rex is reluctant to join the other toys in accusing Woody of doing so intentionally, mostly to avoid confrontation. After Woody goes missing, Rex starts to believe that Woody may have been responsible for throwing Buzz out of the window after all. When the toys notice Woody carrying Buzz's arm, Rex begins to believe that Woody did indeed intend to eliminate Buzz. However, he is shown to be full of guilt when he realises that Woody was telling the truth but relieved when Woody and Buzz arrive safely home.

In Toy Story 2, Rex is shocked when Woody gets kidnapped and (somewhat reluctantly) agrees to helps Buzz rescue Woody. On catching up with Woody, Rex is upset to hear that Woody does not wish to return to Andy but is ecstatic when Woody changes his mind. Following a successful rescue mission, Rex is happy to have Woody home.

In Toy Story 3, Rex joins the other toys in attempting to make Woody stay at the Daycare Centre - a request which Woody declines, believing that Andy does indeed still love his toys, a belief not shared by the others. When Woody returns, Rex is happy to see him again. When the toys return to Andy's house, Rex joins the others in wishing Woody well as college with Andy. However, Woody instead joins them all in being donated to Bonnie.

Rex's role is relatively small in Toy Story 4 meaning his interactions with Woody are limited. In the end, Rex joins the gang in hugging Woody when the latter chooses to leave the gang as a lost toy.

Mr. Potato Head[edit]

In Toy Story, Mr. Potato Head is very resentful towards Woody mostly because the latter has long been Andy's favourite toy. When Buzz arrives, Mr. Potato Head is shown to compare Woody unfavorably to the newer toy. When Woody accidentally pushes Buzz out of the window, Mr. Potato Head accuses Woody of trying to kill Buzz and leads the other toys to try and attack him, although they are unable to do so due to Andy arriving in the room. Later, Mr. Potato Head is shown to be somewhat glad when he hears Woody has gone missing and even prevents the other toys from rescuing Woody when the latter is stuck with Buzz in Sid's house. When Woody and Buzz do escape, Mr. Potato Head is horrified for his actions against Woody so tries to compensate by attempting to help them. By the end of the film, Mr. Potato Head is shown to have changed for the better.

In Toy Story 2, Mr. Potato Head has changed his attitude towards Woody. He is shown to be shocked when Woody is kidnapped and helps the other toys to find out who was responsible. Later, Mr. Potato Head joins the mission to save Woody, illustrating further that his relationship with Woody is now much better. During the journey when the other toys request a rest, Buzz reminds them how Woody did not give up when they threw him out of the moving van - Mr. Potato Head still regrets this because he was the one who gave the order despite Woody having forgiven him. When the gang do find Woody, Mr. Potato Head is shown to be upset that Woody wishes to go to the museum in Japan, though later becomes relieved when he hears Woody has changed his mind. Mr. Potato Head assists the gang in successfully saving Woody and by the end, continues to be on good terms with him.

In Toy Story 3, although still on good terms with Woody, Mr. Potato Head is shown to be somewhat annoyed at the latter for refusing to believe Andy is outgrowing them. Mr. Potato Head still attempts to persuade Woody to stay with the gang when they reach Daycare. However, Woody decides to return to Andy and travel to college with him, much to the dismay of the other toys, with Mr. Potato Head declaring that college is not the place for a toy. When Woody returns to rescue his friends, Mr. Potato Head is overjoyed to see him and even apologies for not believing him about Andy still wanting them. Mr. Potato Head assists Woody and the gang in escaping and returning to Andy. Before Andy leaves, Mr. Potato Head wishes Woody well at college. However, Woody instead has himself and the gang donated to Bonnie.

In Toy Story 4, Mr. Potato Head has a minor role so has little interactions with Woody. In the beginning, Mr. Potato Head is shown to be worried when Woody sneaks off to kindergarten with Bonnie. In the end, Mr. Potato Head joins the gang in giving Woody a group hug before Woody leaves, thereby illustrating that he is still on good terms with Woody, despite once resenting him.


Tom Hanks's vocal performance as Sheriff Woody was received positively by film critics. Susan Wloszczyna of USA Today approved of the selection of Hanks for the lead role of Woody.[8] Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times stated that Tom Hanks "brings an invaluable heft and believability to Woody."[9] In June 2010, Entertainment Weekly named Woody one of the 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years.[10]


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