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Shigaraki Kohgen Railway Co., Ltd. (信楽高原鐵道株式会社, Shigaraki Kōgen Tetsudō Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese third-sector railway company funded by Shiga Prefecture and the city of Koka.

The railway operates the Shigaraki Line, a former JR West line that was transferred to the third sector in 1987. The Shigaraki Line connects Kibukawa on the JR West Kusatsu Line with Shigaraki.

Route data[edit]

  • Operating Company:
    • Shigaraki Kohgen Railway Co.
  • Distance:
    • Kibukawa — Shigaraki: 14.7 km
  • Gauge: 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
  • Stations: 6
  • Double-track: None
  • Electrification: Not electrified


Rolling stock[edit]

  • SKR310 series (since 2001)
  • SKR400 series (since 2015)
  • SKR500 series (since 5 February 2017)

As of February 2017, the company operates a fleet of four diesel railcars: SKR310 series cars SKR311 and SKR312, SKR400 series car SKR401, and SKR500 series car SKR501.[1] The two SKR310 series diesel railcars were introduced in 2001, based on the earlier SKR300 series design but with more powerful engines.[2] SKR400 series diesel railcar SKR401 was delivered to the line in September 2015. This replaced car SKR301, which was withdrawn from service on 3 October 2015.[3] New SKR500 series diesel railcar SKR501 entered revenue service on the line from 5 February 2017.[4] This replaced SKR205, which made its last run on 4 February 2017.[5] While similar in design to the earlier SKR400 series car SKR401, SKR501 has transverse seating, whereas SKR401 has longitudinal bench seating.[6]

Former rolling stock[edit]

  • SKR200 series (x5, from 1987 until February 2017)
  • SKR300 series (x1, from 1995 until October 2015)

Five SKR200 series railcars were introduced between 1987 and 1992.[2] One SKR300 series car was introduced in 1995.[2]


A pair of SKR200 series diesel railcars in 1988

The line was opened by the Japanese Government Railways on May 8, 1933.[7] Freight services ceased in 1982.[citation needed]

The company was established on February 10, 1987 and started the railway operation on July 13, 1987 following the end of the operation by JR West the day before.[7] Originally the company owned the railway facilities, but on April 1, 2013 the asset was transferred to the city of Kōka for 10-year free lease to the company as a part of the restructuring.[8]

Service disruptions[edit]

The line has an unfortunate record in this regard, with services suspended between 1943 and 1947 due to it being deemed non-essential during World War II and the track was removed. The citizens' volunteer work contributed to the reopening of the line on July 25, 1947.[7]

A bridge was washed out in 1953, and the line was out of service for a year whilst it was rebuilt.[citation needed]

The 1991 collision (see below) resulted in the suspension of services for six months.[7]

The line was out of service from September 16, 2013 to November 29, 2014 as a result of another bridge washout caused by Typhoon Man-yi.[9][10][11]


A train passing the memorial at the site of the 1991 crash

The Shigaraki train disaster happened on the line in May 1991, when a through train from JR West collided head-on with a Shigaraki Kohgen Railway train, killing 42 people.

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