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Su Bong
Su Bong, Seung Sahn, Dae Gak.JPG
From left to right: Su Bong, Seung Sahn, Dae Gak
Religion Zen Buddhism
School Kwan Um School of Zen
Born (1943-01-07)January 7, 1943
Kona, Hawaii
Died July 17, 1994(1994-07-17) (aged 51)
Senior posting
Title Soen Sa Nim
Predecessor Seung Sahn

Su Bong (Korean: 수봉; January 7, 1943—July 17, 1994) was a Soen Sa Nim in the Kwan Um School of Zen, the designated heir of Seung Sahn's lineage. Of both Korean and Chinese heritage,[1] he was born in Kona, Hawaii. Su Bong began his practice with Seung Sahn in 1974, helping to establish many Zen groups and temples for the lineage in the years that followed. In 1981 he received inka from Seung Sahn, making him a Ji Do Poep Sa Nim (JDPSN) in the lineage and, in 1983, he was ordained a sunim and given the Buddhist name Mu Deung.[1] He received Dharma transmission on October 11, 1992. On July 17, 1994, Su Bong died of unknown causes at a retreat while conducting kong-an interviews in Hong Kong.[2] Today the Kwan Um School of Zen has a practice center in his name located in Hong Kong and named Su Bong Zen Monastery.

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