Sun Crest

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Sun Crest
Type Soft drink
Manufacturer The Dad's Root Beer Company, LLC.
Country of origin National NuGrape Company of Atlanta, Georgia
Introduced 1938
Flavour orange

Sun Crest is a brand of flavored carbonated soft drink manufactured by The Dad's Root Beer Company, LLC. of Jasper, Indiana and owned by Hedinger Brands, LLC, except for 6 countries in Asia owned by The Monarch Beverage Company, Inc. of Atlanta. Sun Crest Orange is currently available in fountain service and glass bottles in select markets in the U.S.


The Sun Crest brand of soft drinks was introduced by the National NuGrape Company of Atlanta, Georgia in 1938 as a flavor line, and sister brand to NuGrape, 2-Way lemon lime, and Kickapoo Joy Juice.[1] Sun Crest was acquired along with NuGrape in 1968 by The Moxie Company (renamed Moxie-Monarch-NuGrape Company and later Monarch Beverage Company). Hedinger Brands, LLC. purchased the Sun Crest brand from Monarch in 2007 along with Dad's Root Beer, Bubble Up and Dr. Wells brands, and licensed the brand to The Dad's Root Beer Company, LLC.[1][2] The Dad's Root Beer Company headquarters is located in Jasper, Indiana.


  • Sun Crest Orange Soda
  • Sun Crest Strawberry Soda
  • Sun Crest Grape Soda
  • Sun Crest Pineapple Soda
  • Sun Crest Peach
  • Sun Crest Cherry
  • Sun Crest Grapefruit
  • Sun Crest Lemon & Lime


Prior advertising slogans included: "Get Tingleated with Sun Crest"

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