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"Synthespians" redirects here. For the anatomical simulation, see Synthespian.
Author Craig Hinton
Series Doctor Who book:
Past Doctor Adventures
Release number
Subject Featuring:
Sixth Doctor
Set in Period after Vengeance on Varos
Publisher BBC Books
Publication date
July 2004
Pages 276
ISBN 0563486171
Preceded by The Eleventh Tiger
Followed by The Algebra of Ice

Synthespians™ is a BBC Books original novel written by Craig Hinton (the author's last) and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Sixth Doctor and Peri, as well the Autons.


The Doctor and Peri land on Reef Station One, an isolated space station that has modelled itself on 1980s popular culture and encounter Autons.


  • According to this novel, the name of the Auton home planet is Polymos, and the Doctor's people, the Time Lords, attempted to destroy it. Dialogue in the first episode of the new series, "Rose", may hint at this occurrence.[1]


  • The novel's original front cover had to be changed at the last minute due to copyright issues over the image used (a doctored publicity shot from Dynasty).[2]


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