Vampire Science

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Vampire Science
Vampire Science.jpg
AuthorJonathan Blum and Kate Orman
SeriesDoctor Who book:
Eighth Doctor Adventures
Release number
Eighth Doctor
Set inPeriod before The Bodysnatchers
PublisherBBC Books
Publication date
July 1997
Preceded byThe Eight Doctors
Followed byThe Bodysnatchers

Vampire Science is the second novel in the BBC Books series, the Eighth Doctor Adventures, based upon the BBC's long-running science fiction television series, Doctor Who. It was written by Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman.


An ancient Time Lord enemy, 'vampires', have been spotted on earth. Some of these creatures want to co-exist with humanity, but others want to cause destruction.

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The book was originally intended to feature the character of Grace Holloway from the 1996 Doctor Who television movie, but late in the day the authors were told that rights to the character were not available. The role was changed to that of Carolyn in the final novel.

The character of General Kramer previously appeared in a fan film that starred Jon Blum as The Doctor.

References are made to the Seventh Doctor and Ace.

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