The death of Boris III

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Boris III at Adolf Hitler; August 14, 1943.
The death certificate was also signed by Bogdan Filov, in Bulgarian; August 28, 1943.

The death of Boris III was one of the great mysteries of World War II.

Shortly after returning to Sofia from a meeting with Hitler, Boris died of apparent heart failure on 28 August 1943.[1] According to the diary of the German attache in Sofia at the time, Colonel von Schoenebeck, the two German doctors who attended the Tsar – Sajitz and Hans Eppinger – both believed that he had died from the same poison that Dr. Eppinger had allegedly found two years earlier in the postmortem examination of the Greek Prime Minister, Ioannis Metaxas, a slow poison which takes weeks to do its work and which causes the appearance of blotches on the skin of its victim before death. [2]

There are three versions for poisoning:

  1. the UK case (Secret Intelligence Service) [3];
  2. the case of the Soviet Union (NKVD) [4];
  3. the case of the Third Reich (Sicherheitsdienst) [5].

Bulgarian officials say the tsar has been poisoned by British secret services. [6]

The Bulgarian tsar is a descendant of all French kings, an Eastern Orthodox whose godfather is the last Russian tsar Nicholas II of Russia.

There is a version that he was urged by Hitler to be a parliamentarian for separate peace with the Soviet Union. Similar to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. During the war, Bulgaria represented diplomatically the interests of the Third Reich in Moscow. Upon learning of his death, Hitler furiously breaks a vase into the wall, mourning his fate.

Boris III is buried in the Rila Monastery.


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