Thompson language

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Native to Canada, United States
Region British Columbia, Washington
Ethnicity 6,140 Nlaka'pamux (2014, FPCC)[1]
Native speakers
130 (2014, FPCC)[1]
Duployan shorthand (historical)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 thp
Glottolog thom1243[2]

The Thompson language, properly known as Nlaka'pamuctsin also known as the Nlaka'pamux ('Nthlakampx') language, is an Interior Salishan language spoken in the Fraser Canyon, Thompson Canyon, Nicola Country of the Canadian province of British Columbia, and also (historically) in the North Cascades region of Whatcom and Chelan counties of the state of Washington in the United States. A dialect distinct to the Nicola Valley is called Scw'exmx, which is the name of the subgroup of the Nlaka'pamux who live there.

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