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A Baucau–Dili bus on National Highway 1, 2018

In East Timor, as a direct consequence of the country's poverty, transportation infrastructure and communications networks are generally poor. The general condition of roads is poor, and telephone and Internet usage and capabilities are still limited, especially in the countryside. The country has six airports, one of which has commercial and international flights. There are no railroads.[1]


So far there are no railways in East Timor. However, a master plan for a 500 km long electrified single track railway has been proposed in 2012, with a central line from Bobonaro to Los Palos, a western corridor from Dili to Betano and an eastern corridor from Baucau to Uatolari.[2]



6,040 km


2,600 km


3,440 km (2005)

In October 2016, the East Timorese government symbolically launched a rehabilitation project for the Dili–Manatuto–Baucau road. Construction was to be undertaken in two sections, Dili–Manatuto and Manatuto–Baucau, in each case by a Chinese construction company. The project was financed by the General State Budget, and also from a loan fund from the Japanese Government, through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It was due to be completed in mid-2019. [3]


Noefefan Bridge

This bridge, also known as the Tono Bridge, the Noefafan Bridge was inaugurated in 2017 as part of the ZEESM TL project in Oecusse.





Ports and harbors[edit]

General cargo ship ANL Timor Trader being unloaded at Dili, 2018

Merchant marine[edit]



ships by type

passenger/cargo 1 (2010)


The main airport in Timor-Leste is Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport in Dili, Suai Airport in Suai provides also scheduled services of commercial airlines and Baucau Airport in Baucau. There is also an airport in Oecusse.

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8 (2012)


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