Trivium (EP)

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Trivium EP.jpg
EP by Trivium
Released January 2003
Recorded Audiohammer Studios[1]
Genre Thrash metal, alternative metal
Length 35:22
Label Self-released
Producer Jason Suecof
Trivium chronology
Trivium (EP)
Ember to Inferno
(2003)Ember to Inferno2003

Trivium (also known as The Blue Demo and Caeruleus) is a debut EP by the American metal band Trivium. It was recored, mixed, and mastered in late 2002 and released independently by the early 2003. All tracks were re-recorded for the band's first full-length album, Ember to Inferno, except for "The Storm", "Sworn", and "Demon", the latter of which was included on the album's first re-release in its original form.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "To Burn The Eye" 6:59
2. "Requiem" 5:01
3. "Fugue" 4:29
4. "My Hatred" 4:53
5. "The Storm" 6:05
6. "Sworn" 4:28
7. "Demon" 3:29
Total length: 35:22