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UCTV New Logo 2015.jpg
Owned by University of Connecticut
Picture format Standard Definition
Slogan For Your Viewing Pleasure
Blowin' up yo' SET! (former)
Country United States
Language American English
Broadcast area Campus Televisions
Headquarters Storrs, CT
Website uctv.uconn.edu
Huskyvision 14

UCTV is a student television station run entirely by undergraduate students on the Storrs campus at the University of Connecticut's "Huskyvision" cable system. UCTV can be seen on channel 14 on the UConn campus. UCTV offers its members hands on experience in the broadcast and entertainment industry, including practical experience in broadcast news, sports, entertainment, advertising, marketing, finance and studio operations.


UCTV, the nation's only fully student-run college television station, first launched back in 1991 on the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut. Later that year, puppetry majors Mark Gale, Tim Lagasse, Dave Regan and English Major Andy Heidel launched UCTV's first-ever show, a puppet comedy known as "Egghead and Shively." With Gale playing Egghead, a one-eyed puppet with a smoking addiction, and Lagasse portraying Shively, a caffeine-addicted puppet with a receding hairline, the show's four episodes were a hit on the UConn campus and quickly launched UCTV into campus-wide prominence. In the 22 years that have followed, UCTV has generated many well-known productions spanning a wide variety of genres, from news and sports, to music and sketch comedy among others. In the 2008-2009 academic year, UCTV reached the height of its production capabilities, rolling out a comprehensive 24-hour schedule featuring 20 student-made programs, including four sports shows, two talk shows, and even its own reality show. The station also reached the height of its on-campus popularity and involvement, with over 100 students volunteering at UCTV as of 2009. 2011 marked the introduction of UCSPAN as a new department, offering event coverage of campus events, including club sports and UConn Homecoming coverage. UCTV has been consistently airing live sports and news broadcasts since 2012, and still continues to provide a wealth of creative and professional development to the numerous student employees and volunteers.


UCTV's News and Sports set in the Student Union

UCTV's studio is currently located in Suite 409 of the University of Connecticut Student Union building. When it first began back in 1991, UCTV was located in the basement of the Wilbur Cross Library. The station then moved to a small house on King Hill Road next to Ted's Restaurant and Bar. It later moved to the ground floor of the Vinton Dormitory in the Towers Quadrangle student housing complex. When UConn completed construction and renovation on its new Student Union, there was a spot for UCTV, complete with a (now newly renovated) green screen studio, master control room, editing suite, lobby and small office for Board Members. The station can still be found here, in Room 409 next to WHUS, the campus radio station.

Current Productions[edit]

Shot from the opening of UCTV Channel 14 News


Advertisements and promotional videos for local clients, with an emphasis on professional broadcast TV spots and online marketing.

Entertainment Productions[edit]

Off Camera[edit]

Music Videos[edit]

Short Films[edit]

The UConn Tonight Show[edit]

Working Title[edit]


News Productions[edit]

UCTV News[edit]

Live broadcasts, twice weekly

Sports Productions[edit]

UC Sports[edit]

Live weekly broadcasts allow viewers to get an inside perspective on UConn athletics. Highlights and packages are displayed while members of the Daily Campus and WHUS analyze the latest news on each sport at UConn.


A weekly live broadcast, recapping the latest game updates and news on UConn and professional sports. A host and analyst break down and analyze the latest pro sports stories, play games including a hashtag war.

UCSPAN Productions[edit]

On-campus event coverage, including club sports, homecoming, and cultural center events.

Board of Directors[edit]

Academic Year General Manager - Hamsa Productions - Hunter Finance Operations News Sports Music/Entertainment Marketing Advertising UCSPAN Training/Equipment Human Relations
1991–1992 Rob Vietzke (1991–1992)

Amanda Jewsbury(1991–1992) Chris Short(1991–1992)

1992–1993 Chris Short (1992)

Jay Fiedler (1993) Tara Curtis (1992-1993)

Jessica Ryan
1993–1994 Kelly Langdon Jessica Ryan
1995–1996 Jessica Ryan
1996–1997 Lorne Lakin (1996)

John McCurdy (1997)

JP Kelly John McKenna Ghiroli
1997–1998 JP Kelly Alycia Glide
1998–1999 JP Kelly Tim Larkin
1999–2000 Chuck Johnston Joe Marino Joe Kingsley Tim Larkin Kristen Mullaney Matt O'Brien Kathryn Talactac

Melinda Landino

John McLaughlin Meghan Smeriglio (Training)

Crystal Amaral (Equipment)

2000–2001 Chuck Johnston (Fall '00)

Meghan Smeriglio (Spring '01)

Mike Wininger Vivek Sukumaran
2001–2002 Meghan Smeriglio (Fall '01)

Crystal Amaral (Spring '02)

Daniel Guertin Kelly McCabe Vivek Sukumaran Dara DeCroce Chris Collins
2002–2003 Vivek Sukumaran Chris Collins Kelly McCabe Andrew Pelletier Dara DeCroce Christian Senger David Laster Nick Aquilino Eric Hole Michael Suppe
2003–2004 Eric Hole Ryan Mankus Laura Melchionna David Laster Daniel Hutcherson Michael Suppe Joe Waller Peter Finch
2004–2005 David Laster Maurice Nelson Laura Melchionna Frank Archambeault Jr.
2005–2006 Maurice Nelson Allison Lampner Laura Melchionna

Thomas Murawski (2006)

Frank Archambeault Jr. Samantha Freda Meghan McCormick Kristi Hancock Dana Timmons Dana Timmons
2006–2007 Whitney Jefferson Allison Lampner (2006)

Joe Drew

Thomas Murawski Pauley Chea Julie Amenta Meghan McCormick Thomas Wood (2006) Samantha Freda Nicholas Hennessey Heather Warren
2007–2008 Thomas Murawski Julie Amenta Sara Bombalicki Ryan Green Caitlin Nuclo Daniel Ferguson Kerry McConnell Samantha Freda Brandon Cardwell Nicholas Hennessey
2008–2009 Thomas Murawski Julie Amenta Sara Bombalicki Ryan Green Kristin Zuvich Daniel Ferguson Kerry McConnell Austin Keneshea Daniel Simonelli Justin Mintzes
2009–2010 Ezra Okon Kira Crimi Mateo Gonzalez AJ Jorgensen Kyla Hickey Daniel Willis Joey Homza

Noëlle Horelik (2010)

Noëlle Horelik

Joey Homza (2010)

Nick Cinea Mike Schiraldi
2010–2011 Mateo Gonzalez Chelsea Miller Ryan Riggio AJ Jorgensen Scott Mamrosh Daniel Willis Keith Marron Joey Homza Kate Bradley Mike Schiraldi
2011–2012 Mateo Gonzalez Chelsea Miller Ryan Riggio AJ Jorgensen Amy McDavitt Marco Ventimiglia Robert Quinn Amanda Price Heather McVey Nathan Murphy discontinued (see "Head of Training" below)
2012-2013 Nathan Murphy Cristobal Ortega Alfred Garcia Rosario Scalise Gabrielle Levesque Chris Dugan Sam Tracy Amanda Price Rachel Eldracher (2012)

David Friedman (2013)

William Pritchard --
2013-2014 Gabrielle Levesque Cristobal Ortega Alfred Garcia Rosario Scalise Chloe Kryszpin Chris Dugan Sarah Benitez C. Bea Angueira (2013)

Ola Kaminska (2014)

David Friedman (2013-2014)

Rachel Eldracher (2014)

William Pritchard (2013)

Jaelyn Morgan (2014)

-- Sara Tewksbury
2014-2015 C. Bea Angueira Brooke Foti Laura Snyder Kyle Hastings Rachel Bauer Anthony Aidonidis Lisa Murawski Ola Kaminska Ryan Glista Jaelyn Morgan -- Sara Tewksbury
2015-2016 Jaelyn Morgan Eric Weeks Laura Snyder Kyle Hastings Kasey O'Brien Anthony Aidonidis Tony Tyson Ola Kaminska Ryan Glista Aleksandra Rusowicz -- Joshua Malboeuf
2016-2017 Hamsa Ganapathi Hunter Young Stephen Porcello Kyle Hastings Grace Enright Anthony DiBernardo Michelle DelMazio Bianca D'Agostino Matthew Bilmes Connor Mitchel -- Joshua Malboeuf

Additional Staff[edit]

Academic Year Head of Training General Assistant Productions Assistant Finance Assistant Operations Assistant Archivist Web Developer Executive Assistant
2008-2009 -- -- Marcella Rooney Ezra Okon AJ Jorgensen Carla Humphrey/Mike Schiraldi -- --
2009–2010 -- -- Chelsea Miller Ryan Riggio Ryan Green Ethan Ide David Furnes --
2010-2011 -- -- -- Marco Ventimiglia -- discontinued David Furnes --
2011-2012 Scott Mamrosh -- TBA Alfred Garcia TBA discontinued David Furnes Cristobal Ortega
2012-2013 Sara Tewksbury Brooke Foti (2013) Nicole Biancuzzo (2013) -- Tomasz Walczak -- David Furnes discontinued
2013-2014 discontinued Maddie Chesbro Brooke Foti (2013)

Sarah Alder (2013-2014)

Laura Snyder Kyle Hastings -- Jorge Llivichuzhca --
2014-2015 -- Samantha Faragalli Eric Weeks Ashley Uliasz (2015) -- -- Jorge Llivichuzhca --
2015-2016 -- Prakriti Kumar Hunter Young Ashley Uliasz (2015) Keregan Schoenherr -- Jamie Buck --
2016-2017 -- Alexis Alverez Pat Purcell Jason Mraz Alex Rouleau -- Shemona Singh --

The Website[edit]

UCTV launched its own website in 2003 at uctv.uconn.edu. Since then, the site has undergone a number of transformations in order to expand the site and make it more interactive for viewers. In 2008, the new uctv.uconn.edu website was launched, offering staff profiles, picture galleries and full episodes of all UCTV shows. The site was further improved in the spring of 2010. Plans are currently in the works to offer live streaming video of UCTV-14 on the website.

Recently Discontinued Shows[edit]



Behind the Curtain

The Breakdown


Class Acts


Get in Bed

Hunting Lodge Shore

Joey Homza: More Famous Than You

Laughing Gas

Make Your Own Damn Sandwich

The Morning After

Nutmeg Kitchen

The Noelle Show

Past Temps

♯Trendin' Topic


The Survivors

UCTV Classics

UConn Idol

Up Close and Personal


Wake Up UConn


Dog Fight


Gettin' Dirty

Marco Mania




In 2016, UCTV was awarded ‘Best TV Newscast’ in the College Media Association Apple Awards. [1]


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