Union Carriage & Wagon

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Union Carriage & Wagon
Industry Rail transport
Founded 1957
Founder Commonwealth Engineering
Headquarters Nigel, South Africa
Products Rolling stock
Parent Commuter Transport Engineering
Website www.ucw.co.za

Union Carriage & Wagon (UCW) is a rolling stock manufacturer in South Africa.


Taiwan Railways Administration Type E100 locomotive

Union Carriage & Wagon was established in 1957. Initial shareholders were Commonwealth Engineering (51%), Budd Company (25%) and Leyland Motors (12%). By 1965, Budd and Metro Cammell Weymann held a combined 41% shareholding which they sold to Anglo American plc and General Mining. In December 1969, Commonwealth Engineering reduced its shareholding to 42% with the other two shareholders each owning 29%.[1][2]

In 1964, UCW delivered its first electrical locomotives to the South African Railways, the South African Class 5E1, Series 2.[3] The Class 5E1 was also the first electrical locomotive to be produced in quantity in South Africa.[4] In 1976, UCW received its first Asian order for twenty Type E100 electric locomotives for Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA), based on a GEC design. In addition, the TRA E1000 push-pull trainsets were also manufactured jointly by UCW, Tang Eng Iron Works of Taiwan and Hyundai Rotem of South Korea.[5]

In 1974, UCW entered the international market with orders from Angola and Zambia.[citation needed]

Rolling stock for Gautrain is assembled at the UCW plant in Nigel under a partnership agreement between Bombardier Transportation and UCW.[6][7][8]

In 1989, Commonwealth Engineering sold its shareholding to Malbak Limited.[9] In October 1996, the business was sold to Murray & Roberts.[9][10] In February 2013, UCW was purchased by Commuter Transport Engineering.[11]

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