United States presidential election in North Carolina, 1996

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United States presidential election in North Carolina, 1996
North Carolina
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  Bob Dole, PCCWW photo portrait.JPG 44 Bill Clinton 3x4.jpg Ross Perot.jpg
Nominee Bob Dole Bill Clinton Ross Perot
Party Republican Democratic Reform
Home state Kansas Arkansas Texas
Running mate Jack Kemp Al Gore Pat Choate
Electoral vote 14 0 0
States carried 0
Popular vote 1,225,938 1,107,849 168,059
Percentage 48.73% 44.04% 6.68%

County Results

President before election

Bill Clinton

Elected President

Bill Clinton

The 1996 United States presidential election in North Carolina took place on 5 November 1996 as part of the 1996 United States presidential election. Voters in North Carolina chose 14 representatives, or electors to the Electoral College, who voted for President and Vice President.

North Carolina was narrowly won by the Republican nominee, Senator Bob Dole of Kansas, defeating incumbent Democratic President Bill Clinton of Arkansas. Dole won with a plurality of 48.73% of the vote to Clinton's 44.04%, a margin of 4.69%.

The Reform Party candidate, billionaire businessman Ross Perot, came in a distant third with 6.68%.


1996 U.S. presidential election in North Carolina
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Bob Dole 1,225,938 48.73
Democratic Bill Clinton (incumbent) 1,107,849 44.04
Reform Ross Perot 168,059 6.68
Libertarian Harry Browne 8,740 0.35
Natural Law John Hagelin 2,771 0.11
Independent Ralph Nader (write-in) 2,108 0.08
Independent Howard Phillips (write-in) 258 0.01
Independent James Harris (write-in) 84 0.00
Turnout 2,515,807


Technically the voters of NC cast their ballots for electors: representatives to the Electoral College. NC was allocated 14 electors because it had 12 congressional districts and 2 senators. All candidates that appear on the ballot or qualify to receive write-in votes must submit a list of 14 electors, who pledge to vote for their candidate and his or her running mate. Whoever wins the majority of votes in the state is awarded all 14 electoral votes. Their chosen electors then vote for President and Vice President. Although electors are pledged to their candidate and running mate, they are not obligated to vote for them. An elector who votes for someone other than his or her candidate is known as a faithless elector.

The following were the members of the Electoral College from the state. All were pledged to and voted for Bob Dole and Jack Kemp:[1]

  1. Howard B. Smith
  2. Bettie West
  3. J.D. Teachey
  4. Nelson Dollar
  5. Lee Q. McMillan
  6. Carolyn McGee
  7. Jim Cole
  8. Tom Dwiggins
  9. John Van Hanford
  10. Gary Whitener
  11. George Alexander Jones
  12. Quentine Finch
  13. Bill Graham
  14. Dorothy Bursey