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About me

I am a (male) student in Hercules, California. On Wikipedia, I am primarily interested in articles relating to weather, chemistry, physics), and aviation. Please contact me if I make a mistake or if you have any comments.

I started editing Wikipedia in October 2006.

Contact me

How to contact me:

  • Leave a new message at my talk page
  • Email me to Please start the title of the email with "Wikipedia e-mail", so it doesn't get deleted by my spam filter.

I'd much prefer you to leave a message on my talk page; only email me if it is a private matter.



I visited lots of places in the world.

Place Begin End Other places
Orlando, Florida 2007-5-2 2007-5-8 Tampa, Florida
Kennedy Space Center
Philippines 2006-5-23
San Pablo, Philippines
Lake Tahoe 2007-2-?
Same Date Reno, Nevada
Los Angeles, California 2006-12-8 2006-12-12 Anaheim, Califonia
Oceanside, California
San Diego, California
Flagstaff, Arizona 2005-5-27 2005-5-30 Las Vegas, Nevada
Hover Dam
Vancouver, Canada 2003


Articles 5,531,749
Registered Users 32,453,275 (.49513% of the world's population)
Current Week 50
Month December
Date 15 Friday
Year 2017
Time 11:07


  • Native English
  • Intermediate Spanish (español intermedio)



Another thing I enjoy doing on Wikipedia is designing userpages. The following userpages were either designed by me or inspired by this page: If you would like me to design a userpage for you, just leave me a message on my talk page.



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Personal life

  • I enjoy mathematics, science, aviation, and weather
  • I use American English and Spanish.

User Warnings/Editing Hints

Mood and Stress

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