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Classification Julahas
Religions Hinduism, Sikhism
Languages Punjabi,Hindi
Populated states The Punjab region
Subdivisions KAbirpanthi, Ramdasia

Ramdasia community comprises Julahas (Weavers) and Sikhs from this community are known as Ramdasia Sikhs. Ramdasia is a sub-caste of Julaha (meaning weavers). The terms ravidasia and Ramdasia are not synonymous and hence SHOULD NEVER be used interchangeably as Ramdasias were originally weavers and not into leather making.

Many Julaha's have settled all over the world including UK and USA. Many have gone into the clothing manufacturing having set up successful businesses in the 1980's to present within the UK. They have contributed extensively within the communities they have settled into all over the world and many have gone into science, medicine, business, agriculture, law and teaching.

As they are a small community within the Sikh diaspora they are still largely unknown amongst many of the younger generations who have populated the western hemisphere, hence through ignorance treat them as a very low caste.

'Sikhism Does not believe in castism '

The Sikh Gurus tried their best to eliminate the caste system. In view of this, Langar was established, where all people from all castes and religions gather to eat food sitting together. Furthermore Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave all Sikh men the lastname "Singh" and all Sikh women the lastname "Kaur" to remove castism as everyone is considered equal in Sikhism.

But slowly and gradually Sikhs of today have regained their old caste system inherited by Hinduism and use it to show superiority. This is despite the quite contridictory fact that many of those same Sikhs are involvbed in the same industries that they are being so negative against. This can be seen in the UK where many thousands of Sikhs within the Midlands owned clothing manufacturing firms yet still feel superior over Julaha's due to the history of their Clan.

Main Sub castes of Ramdasias are: Kharaud, Kaler, Bhwaddi, Siddharh, Bhola etc.


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