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Mathematics (H)[edit]

H square
H topology
H tree
H4 (mathematics)
Haagerup property
Haag's theorem
Haaland equation
Haar measure
Haar wavelet
Haboush's theorem
Hadamard code
Hadamard conjecture
Hadamard manifold
Hadamard matrix
Hadamard product (matrices)
Hadamard regularization
Hadamard space
Hadamard three-circle theorem
Hadamard three-lines theorem
Hadamard transform
Hadamard–Rybczynski equation
Hadamard's dynamical system
Hadamard's inequality
Hadamard's lemma
Hadamard's maximal determinant problem
Hadamard's method of descent
Hadjicostas's formula
Hadwiger conjecture (combinatorial geometry)
Hadwiger conjecture (graph theory)
Hadwiger number
Hadwiger–Finsler inequality
Hadwiger–Nelson problem
Hadwiger's theorem
Haefliger structure
Hafner–Sarnak–McCurley constant
Hahn decomposition theorem
Hahn embedding theorem
Hahn polynomials
Hahn series
Hahn–Banach theorem
Hahn–Exton q-Bessel function
Hahn–Kolmogorov theorem
Hairy ball theorem
Hájek–Le Cam convolution theorem
Hajós construction
Hajós's theorem
Haken manifold
Halbert L. Dunn Award
Hales–Jewett theorem
Half range Fourier series
Half time (physics)
Half-disk topology
Half-logistic distribution
Half-normal distribution
Half-period ratio
Half-side formula
Half-space (geometry)
Half-transitive graph
Halin graph
Halin's grid theorem
Hall algebra
Hall plane
Hall subgroup
Halley's method
Hall–Higman theorem
Hall–Janko graph
Hall–Janko group
Hall–Littlewood polynomials
Hall's marriage theorem
Hall's universal group
Halpern–Läuchli theorem
Halting problem
Halton sequence
Halved cube graph
Ham sandwich theorem
Hamburger moment problem
Hamilton Institute
Hamilton Mathematics Institute
Hamiltonian (control theory)
Hamiltonian (quantum mechanics)
Hamiltonian fluid mechanics
Hamiltonian matrix
Hamiltonian mechanics
Hamiltonian path problem
Hamiltonian path
Hamiltonian vector field
Hamilton–Jacobi equation
Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman equation
Hamilton's principle
Hammersley–Clifford theorem
Hamming bound
Hamming code
Hamming distance
Hamming graph
Hamming scheme
Hamming space
Hamming weight
Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics
Hanan grid
Handbook of Automated Reasoning
Handbook of mathematical functions
Handedness and mathematical ability
Handle decomposition
Handle decompositions of 3-manifolds
Handshaking lemma
Hankel contour
Hankel matrix
Hankel singular value
Hankel transform
Hann function
Hanna Neumann conjecture
Hannan Medal
Hannan–Quinn information criterion
Hanner polytope
Hanner's inequalities
Hans Sluga
Hansen's problem
Hapax legomenon
Happy Ending problem
Happy number
Happy prime
Harada–Norton group
Harald Ganzinger
Haran's diamond theorem
Harary's generalized tic-tac-toe
Harborth graph
Harcourt's theorem
Hard hexagon model
Hardness of approximation
Hardy field
Hardy hierarchy
Hardy notation
Hardy space
Hardy–Littlewood circle method
Hardy–Littlewood inequality
Hardy–Littlewood maximal function
Hardy–Littlewood tauberian theorem
Hardy–Littlewood zeta-function conjectures
Hardy–Ramanujan Journal
Hardy–Ramanujan theorem
Hardy's inequality
Hardy's theorem
Hardy-Weinberg principle
Harish-Chandra character
Harish-Chandra class
Harish-Chandra homomorphism
Harish-Chandra isomorphism
Harish-Chandra module
Harish-Chandra Research Institute
Harish-Chandra theorem
Harish-Chandra transform
Harish-Chandra's c-function
Harish-Chandra's function
Harish-Chandra's regularity theorem
Harish-Chandra's Schwartz space
Harish-Chandra's Ξ function
Harmonic (mathematics)
Harmonic analysis
Harmonic conjugate
Harmonic coordinates
Harmonic differential
Harmonic division
Harmonic divisor number
Harmonic function
Harmonic map
Harmonic mean
Harmonic measure
Harmonic number
Harmonic oscillator
Harmonic pitch class profiles
Harmonic polynomial
Harmonic progression (mathematics)
Harmonic series (mathematics)
Harmonic spectrum
Harmonic wavelet transform
Harmonices Mundi
Harmonious coloring
Harmonious set
Harmony search
Harnack's curve theorem
Harnack's inequality
Harnack's principle
Harries graph
Harries–Wong graph
Harris chain
Harrop formula
Harshad number
Hartley transform
Hartley's test
Hartman–Grobman theorem
Hartogs' extension theorem
Hartogs number
Hartogs' theorem
Hartogs–Rosenthal theorem
Hartree equation
Hartshorne ellipse
Harvard–MIT Mathematics Tournament
Hasegawa–Mima equation
Hasse derivative
Hasse diagram
Hasse invariant of a quadratic form
Hasse invariant of an algebra
Hasse invariant
Hasse norm theorem
Hasse principle
Hasse–Arf theorem
Hasse–Davenport relation
Hasse–Minkowski theorem
Hasse's theorem on elliptic curves
Hasse's theorem
Hasse–Weil zeta function
Hasse–Witt matrix
Hat matrix
Hat operator
Hatch mark
Hattori–Stong theorem
Hausdorff Center for Mathematics
Hausdorff completion
Hausdorff density
Hausdorff dimension
Hausdorff distance
Hausdorff maximal principle
Hausdorff measure
Hausdorff moment problem
Hausdorff paradox
Hausdorff space
Hausdorff–Young inequality
Hausman test
Hautus lemma
Haven (graph theory)
Haversine formula
Hawaiian earring
Haybittle–Peto boundary
Haynsworth inertia additivity formula
Hazard function
Hazard ratio
Hazen–Williams equation
H-closed space
Healthy user bias
Heap (mathematics)
Heaps' law
Hearing the shape of a drum
Heat equation
Heat kernel signature
Heat kernel
Heath-Brown–Moroz constant
Heaviside cover-up method
Heaviside step function
Heavy path decomposition
Heavy traffic approximation
Heavy-tailed distribution
Heawood conjecture
Heawood graph
Heawood number
Hebrew numerals
Hecke algebra of a locally compact group
Hecke algebra of a pair
Hecke algebra
Hecke character
Hecke L-function
Hecke operator
Heckman correction
Heckman–Opdam polynomials
Hedetniemi's conjecture
Hedgehog space
Heegaard splitting
Heegner number
Heegner point
Heegner's lemma
Heesch's problem
Height (abelian group)
Height (ring theory)
Height of a polynomial
Height zeta function
Heilbronn triangle problem
Heine–Borel theorem
Heine–Cantor theorem
Heine's identity
Heine–Stieltjes polynomials
Heinz Hopf Prize
Heinz mean
Heisenberg group
Heisenberg model
Heisenberg picture
Hekat (unit)
Held group
Helical boundary conditions
Hellenic Mathematical Society
Hellinger distance
Hellinger integral
Hellinger–Toeplitz theorem
Hellin's law
Helly family
Helly space
Helly–Bray theorem
Helly's selection theorem
Helly's theorem
Helmert transformation
Helmert–Wolf blocking
Helmholtz decomposition
Helmholtz equation
Helmholtz theorem (classical mechanics)
Helmholtz theorem
Helmholtz's theorems
Hemicompact space
Hemicube (geometry)
Hemiperfect number
Hendecagonal antiprism
Hendecagonal prism
Henneberg surface
Hennessy-Milner logic
Hénon map
Henselian ring
Hensel's lemma
Henstock–Kurzweil integral
Heptagonal antiprism
Heptagonal number
Heptagonal prism
Heptagonal pyramidal number
Heptagonal tiling
Heptagrammic antiprism (7/2)
Heptagrammic antiprism (7/3)
Heptagrammic crossed-antiprism
Heptagrammic prism (7/2)
Heptagrammic prism (7/3)
Heptellated 8-simplex
Herbrand interpretation
Herbrand normal form
Herbrand quotient
Herbrand structure
Herbrand–Ribet theorem
Herbrand's theorem
Herchel Smith Professorship of Pure Mathematics
Hereditarily countable set
Hereditarily finite set
Hereditary C*-subalgebra
Hereditary property
Hereditary ring
Hereditary set
Herglotz–Zagier function
Herman ring
Hermes Project
Hermite constant
Hermite distribution
Hermite interpolation
Hermite normal form
Hermite number
Hermite polynomials
Hermite reciprocity
Hermite ring
Hermite spline
Hermite–Hadamard inequality
Hermite–Minkowski theorem
Hermite's cotangent identity
Hermite's identity
Hermite's problem
Hermitian adjoint
Hermitian connection
Hermitian function
Hermitian hat wavelet
Hermitian manifold
Hermitian matrix
Hermitian symmetric space
Hermitian variety
Hermitian wavelet
Heronian mean
Heronian tetrahedron
Heronian triangle
Heron's formula
Herringbone pattern
Herschel graph
Herschel–Bulkley fluid
Herzog–Schönheim conjecture
Herz–Schur multiplier
Hesse configuration
Hesse normal form
Hesse pencil
Hessenberg matrix
Hessenberg variety
Hesse's theorem
Hessian automatic differentiation
Hessian form of an elliptic curve
Hessian group
Hessian matrix
Hessian pair
Heston model
Heteroclinic bifurcation
Heteroclinic cycle
Heteroclinic network
Heteroclinic orbit
Heterogeneous random walk in one dimension
Heteroscedasticity-consistent standard errors
Heun function
Heun's method
Hewitt–Savage zero–one law
Hex (board game)
Hexagonal antiprism
Hexagonal bifrustum
Hexagonal bipyramid
Hexagonal lattice
Hexagonal number
Hexagonal prism
Hexagonal prismatic honeycomb
Hexagonal pyramid
Hexagonal pyramidal number
Hexagonal tiling
Hexagonal tortoise problem
Hexagonal trapezohedron
Hexagonal truncated trapezohedron
Hexicated 7-cube
Hexicated 7-simplex
Hexicated 8-simplex
Heyting algebra
Heyting arithmetic
Heyting field
Hicksian demand function
Hidden algebra
Hidden Field Equations
Hidden Markov model
Hidden Markov random field
Hidden oscillation
Hidden semi-Markov model
Hidden subgroup problem
Hierarchical clustering of networks
Hierarchical constraint satisfaction
Hierarchical decision process
Hierarchical Dirichlet process
Hierarchical generalized linear model
Hierarchical hidden Markov model
Hierarchical linear modeling
Hierarchical matrix
Hierarchical RBF
Hierarchy (mathematics)
Higgs bundle
Higgs mechanism
Higgs prime
High (computability)
High availability
High School Attached to Beijing University of Technology
High-dimensional model representation
High-dimensional statistics
Higher category theory
Higher local field
Higher residuosity problem
Higher spin alternating sign matrix
Higher-dimensional algebra
Higher-dimensional gamma matrices
Higher-order compact finite difference scheme
Higher-order derivative test
Higher-order factor analysis
Higher-order function
Higher-order grammar
Higher-order logic
Higher-order singular value decomposition
Higher-order statistics
Highest averages method
Highest-weight category
Highly abundant number
Highly composite number
Highly cototient number
Highly cototient prime
Highly optimized tolerance
Highly structured ring spectrum
Highly totient number
High-resolution scheme
Higman group
Higman's embedding theorem
Higman's lemma
Higman–Sims graph
Higman–Sims group
Hilbert algebra
Hilbert basis (linear programming)
Hilbert basis
Hilbert C*-module
Hilbert class field
Hilbert cube
Hilbert curve
Hilbert field
Hilbert manifold
Hilbert matrix
Hilbert metric
Hilbert modular form
Hilbert modular surface
Hilbert number
Hilbert projection theorem
Hilbert scheme
Hilbert series and Hilbert polynomial
Hilbert space
Hilbert symbol
Hilbert system
Hilbert transform
Hilbert–Bernays provability conditions
Hilbert–Burch theorem
Hilbert–Mumford criterion
Hilbert–Poincaré series
Hilbert–Pólya conjecture
Hilbert's arithmetic of ends
Hilbert's axioms
Hilbert's basis theorem
Hilbert's eighteenth problem
Hilbert's eighth problem
Hilbert's eleventh problem
Hilbert's fifteenth problem
Hilbert's fifth problem
Hilbert's first problem
Hilbert's fourteenth problem
Hilbert's fourth problem
Hilbert's inequality
Hilbert's irreducibility theorem
Hilbert's lemma
Hilbert's nineteenth problem
Hilbert's ninth problem
Hilbert's Nullstellensatz
Hilbert's paradox of the Grand Hotel
Hilbert's problems
Hilbert's program
Hilbert's second problem
Hilbert's seventeenth problem
Hilbert's seventh problem
Hilbert's sixteenth problem
Hilbert's sixth problem
Hilbert's syzygy theorem
Hilbert's tenth problem
Hilbert's theorem (differential geometry)
Hilbert's Theorem 90
Hilbert's third problem
Hilbert's thirteenth problem
Hilbert's twelfth problem
Hilbert's twentieth problem
Hilbert's twenty-first problem
Hilbert's twenty-fourth problem
Hilbert's twenty-second problem
Hilbert's twenty-third problem
Hilbert–Samuel function
Hilbert–Schmidt integral operator
Hilbert–Schmidt operator
Hilbert–Schmidt theorem
Hilbert–Smith conjecture
Hilbert–Speiser theorem
Hill climbing
Hill differential equation
Hill tetrahedron
Hille–Yosida theorem
Hill's model
Hilton's theorem
Himmelblau's function
Hindmarsh–Rose model
Hindu units of time
Hindu–Arabic numeral system
Hindustani numerals
H-infinity methods in control theory
Hinge theorem
Hironaka's example
Hiroshima Mathematical Journal
Hiroyuki Goto
Hirsch conjecture
Hirschberg's algorithm
Hirsch–Plotkin radical
Hirzebruch surface
Hirzebruch–Riemann–Roch theorem
Historia Mathematica
History monoid
History of algebra
History of calculus
History of combinatorics
History of computer science
History of computing
History of geometry
History of Grandi's series
History of group theory
History of knot theory
History of large numbers
History of logic
History of manifolds and varieties
History of mathematical notation
History of mathematics
History of Maxwell's equations
History of measurement
History of numerical solution of differential equations using computers
History of probability
History of quaternions
History of statistics
History of the Church–Turing thesis
History of the function concept
History of the Hindu–Arabic numeral system
History of the separation axioms
History of the Theory of Numbers
History of topos theory
History of trigonometry
History of type theory
History of variational principles in physics
History of writing ancient numbers
Hitchin functional
Hitchin system
Hitchin–Thorpe inequality
Hitting time
Hjalmar Ekdal topology
Hjelmslev transformation
Hjelmslev's theorem
Hjulström curve
HN group
HNN extension
HO (complexity)
Hobbes–Wallis controversy
Hobby–Rice theorem
Hoberman sphere
Hochschild homology
Hochschild–Mostow group
Hochster–Roberts theorem
Hodge algebra
Hodge bundle
Hodge conjecture
Hodge cycle
Hodge dual
Hodge index theorem
Hodge structure
Hodge theorem
Hodge theory
Hodge–Arakelov theory
Hodges–Lehmann estimator
Hodge–Tate module
Hodgkin–Huxley model
Hoeffding's independence test
Hoeffding's inequality
Hoeffding's lemma
Hoffman graph
Hoffman–Singleton graph
Hofstadter points
Hofstadter sequence
Hofstadter's butterfly
Hölder condition
Hölder's inequality
Hölder's theorem
Holditch's theorem
Holland's schema theorem
Hollow matrix
Holm–Bonferroni method
Holmgren's uniqueness theorem
Holmström's theorem
Holomorph (mathematics)
Holomorphic curve
Holomorphic discrete series representation
Holomorphic function
Holomorphic functional calculus
Holomorphic Lefschetz fixed-point formula
Holomorphic sheaf
Holomorphic tangent space
Holomorphic vector bundle
Holomorphically convex hull
Holomorphically separable
Holonomic basis
Holonomic function
Holt graph
Holtsmark distribution
Hom functor
Home prime
Homeomorphism (graph theory)
Homeomorphism group
HOMFLY polynomial
Homicidal chauffeur problem
Homoclinic bifurcation
Homoclinic connection
Homoclinic orbit
Homogeneity (statistics)
Homogeneous (large cardinal property)
Homogeneous coordinate ring
Homogeneous coordinates
Homogeneous differential equation
Homogeneous distribution
Homogeneous function
Homogeneous linear equation
Homogeneous polynomial
Homogeneous relation
Homogeneous space
Homogeneous tree
Homogeneous variety
Homogeneously Suslin set
Homological algebra
Homological conjectures in commutative algebra
Homological dimension
Homological integration
Homological mirror symmetry
Homology (mathematics)
Homology manifold
Homology sphere
Homology theory
Homology, Homotopy and Applications
Homomorphic encryption
Homomorphic secret sharing
Homomorphic signatures for network coding
Homothetic center
Homothetic transformation
Homotopical algebra
Homotopy analysis method
Homotopy category of chain complexes
Homotopy category
Homotopy extension property
Homotopy fiber
Homotopy group
Homotopy groups of spheres
Homotopy lifting property
Homotopy perturbation method
Homotopy principle
Homotopy sphere
Homotopy type theory
Honda–Tate theorem
Honest leftmost branch
Honeycomb (geometry)
Honeycomb conjecture
Hong Kong Mathematical High Achievers Selection Contest
Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad
Hoover index
Hopcroft–Karp algorithm
Hopf algebra
Hopf bifurcation
Hopf conjecture
Hopf fibration
Hopf invariant
Hopf lemma
Hopf link
Hopf manifold
Hopf maximum principle
Hopf surface
Hopf theorem
Hopfian group
Hopfian object
Hopf–Rinow theorem
Hopkins–Levitzki theorem
Horikawa surface
Horizontal and vertical
Horizontal bundle
Horizontal coordinate system
Horizontal form
Horizontal line test
Horizontal plane
Hörmander's condition
Horn angle
Horn clause
Horn function
Horn logic
Horner's method
Horrocks bundle
Horrocks construction
Horrocks–Mumford bundle
Horseshoe lemma
Horseshoe map
Horton graph
Horvitz–Thompson estimator
Hosaka plot
Hosmer–Lemeshow test
Hosoya index
Hosoya's triangle
HOSVD-based canonical form of TP functions and qLPV models
Hot game
Hotelling's lemma
Hotelling's T-squared distribution
Hough function
House with two rooms
Householder operator
Householder transformation
Householder's method
Houses for Visiting Mathematicians
How Long Is the Coast of Britain? Statistical Self-Similarity and Fractional Dimension
How to Lie with Statistics
How to Solve it by Computer
How to Solve It
Hrushovski construction
Hsiang–Lawson's conjecture
H-stable potential
Hu Washizu principle
Hua's identity
Hua's lemma
Hubbard–Stratonovich transformation
Hubbert curve
Huber-White standard errors
Hudde's rules
Huffman coding
Huge cardinal
Hughes plane
Human-based genetic algorithm
Humanities Indicators
Humbert polynomials
Humbert series
Humbert surface
Hume's principle
Hundred (word)
Hundred-dollar, Hundred-digit Challenge problems
Hungarian algorithm
Hunt process
Hunter–Saxton equation
Huntington University Math Competition
Huntington–Hill method
Hunt–McIlroy algorithm
Hurewicz theorem
Hurst exponent
Hurwitz class number
Hurwitz determinant
Hurwitz matrix
Hurwitz polynomial
Hurwitz problem
Hurwitz quaternion order
Hurwitz quaternion
Hurwitz surface
Hurwitz zeta function
Hurwitz's automorphisms theorem
Hurwitz's theorem (complex analysis)
Hurwitz's theorem (composition algebras)
Hurwitz's theorem (normed division algebras)
Hurwitz's theorem (number theory)
Hurwitz's theorem
Husimi Q representation
Hutchinson metric
Hutchinson operator
Huzita–Hatori axioms
Hybrid automaton
Hybrid bond graph
Hybrid logic
Hybrid Monte Carlo
Hybrid system
Hybrid topology
Hyers–Ulam–Rassias stability
Hylomorphism (computer science)
Hyperarithmetical theory
Hyperbolic 3-manifold
Hyperbolic angle
Hyperbolic coordinates
Hyperbolic Dehn surgery
Hyperbolic distribution
Hyperbolic equilibrium point
Hyperbolic function
Hyperbolic geometry
Hyperbolic group
Hyperbolic growth
Hyperbolic law of cosines
Hyperbolic link
Hyperbolic manifold
Hyperbolic motion
Hyperbolic partial differential equation
Hyperbolic plane (disambiguation)
Hyperbolic point
Hyperbolic quaternion
Hyperbolic secant distribution
Hyperbolic sector
Hyperbolic set
Hyperbolic space
Hyperbolic spiral
Hyperbolic structure
Hyperbolic tree
Hyperbolic triangle
Hyperbolic trigonometry
Hyperbolic volume
Hyperbolization theorem
Hyperboloid model
Hyperboloid structure
Hypercomplex analysis
Hypercomplex manifold
Hypercomplex number
Hyperconnected space
Hypercube graph
Hypercubic honeycomb
Hypercycle (geometry)
Hypercyclic operator
Hyperelliptic curve cryptography
Hyperelliptic curve
Hyperelliptic surface
Hyperexponential distribution
Hyper-finite field
Hyperfinite set
Hyperfinite type II factor
Hypergeometric distribution
Hypergeometric function of a matrix argument
Hypergeometric function
Hypergeometric identity
Hyperkähler manifold
Hyperkähler quotient
Hyperoctahedral group
Hyperparameter optimization
Hyperperfect number
Hyperplane at infinity
Hyperplane section
Hyperplane separation theorem
Hyperreal number
Hyperspecial subgroup
Hypertoric variety
Hypertranscendental function
Hypertranscendental number
Hypoabelian group
Hypocontinuous bilinear map
Hypoelliptic operator
Hypoexponential distribution
Hypograph (mathematics)
Hypohamiltonian graph
Hyponormal operator
Hypostatic abstraction
Hypothetical syllogism
Hypsometric equation