Van Damme State Park

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Little River beach.

Van Damme State Park consists of about 1,831 acres (7.41 km2) of land in Mendocino County, California, near the town of Little River on State Route 1. It was named for Charles Van Damme (1881–1934), who was born in the area and purchased the land that is now the park with profits from a San Francisco ferry business. On his death, the property became part of the California state park system.

The park includes the Little River itself, Little River beach on the ocean side of State Route 1, and hiking and camping along the river on the inland side of the highway.

Pygmy Forest[edit]

Inland, a boardwalked nature trail leads through a Pygmy Forest, where poor soil has created a marshy ecosystem of stunted cypress and pine trees and rhododendrons. The dwarf forest, a vulnerable habitat, is a National Natural Landmark.

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