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  • This page lists template redirects which AWB should automatically replace in the en-wiki main and category namespaces, as part of AWB general fixes.
  • The rule list is loaded live each time AWB is run (with general fixes enabled).
  • Before adding a rule here you must ensure that there is consensus in favour of the template renaming.
  • You are reminded that making page edits solely for the purpose of bypassing template redirects may be considered "trivial editing", and therefore contravene the AWB rules of use. Normally you should not make page edits just to bypass redirects unless there is an agreed need to do it.

Rule format


  • One or more redirects can be renamed per rule, listing redirects (comma-space separated) each in a {{tl}} template, followed by "→" and the actual template, again wrapped in {{tl}} and bolded for readability.
  • The redirects are first-letter case insensitive, e.g. {{full}} and {{Full}} are treated as identical.
  • The first-letter case of the redirect is kept in the new template name, except for acronym templates (first three letters in uppercase) where first letter uppercase is forced.
  • Each rule must sit on a single line.
  • Rules in nowiki or HTML comment tags are ignored.
  • There should only be one rule per actual template.
  • The order of the rules does not matter but alphabetisation helps find things on the page.
  • Since the redirect renaming is carried out as part of AWB's general fixes, commented out template calls, or those within nowiki/pre/math tags etc. will not be renamed.
  • AWB does not validate the templates used to ensure that the redirects or templates exist.


  • Single redirect format: {{tl|Redirect 1}} → '''{{tl|Actual template}}'''
  • Single redirect example: {{tl|Cn}} → '''{{tl|Citation needed}}'''
  • Multiple redirects format: {{tl|Redirect 1}}, {{tl|Redirect 2}} → '''{{tl|Actual template}}'''
  • Multiple redirects example: {{tl|Cn}}, {{tl|Facts}} → '''{{tl|Citation needed}}'''

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