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This essay, WP:Autosizing images describes techniques to auto-size, or scale, any image ("thumb" or "frameless"), based on each user's Special:Preferences default image-size. Within an image link, the options are as follows:

  • thumb       - sets the image to be a framed thumbnail of default size.
  • frameless  - sets the image to be unframed of default image size.
  • upright      - sets the image as 75% of default size rounded by 10px.
  • upright=0.90 - sets the image as 90% of default image size.
  • upright=1.20 - sets the image as 120% of default (20% wider).
  • left     - shifts the image to the left-side margin
  • right   - shifts the image to the right-side margin
  • center - shifts the image to center between left/right margins

Each of the above sizing options can be used in any image link coded into a Wikipedia page (links of the form "[[Image:xx.jpg|right |thumb|My picture]]"). When a user views the page, the image will be resized for that user's default image-size setting.


The following are examples using the "thumb" or "frameless" options to set an image to the default size, or scale to 80% by using "upright=0.80" and such.

Using "|left|thumb"
Note the right-margin padding space,
outside the image box.
Using "|center|thumb"

Note there is no padding outside
image-boxes as option "|center".
Claude Lorrain 008.jpg

  Using "|center|frameless".
Claude Lorrain 008.jpg

  Using "|center|frameless

Note how, in all of the above examples (for the painting The Embarkation of the Queen of Sheba, 1648), the size of the image is scaled to each user's Special:Preferences default image-size. Setting the pixels image-size in an image-link (such as "220px") would override the user-preference size and show the image as 220px wide for all users who view that image on that page.

Purpose of autosizing[edit]

Because many users have begun viewing Wikipedia articles on various smaller devices, not just desktop PC computers, the autosizing of images will allow each user to view those images as smaller pictures on handheld devices, such as laptops, notebook or tablet computers, and some mobile phones. The users can set their Special:Preferences to select their default image size (such as: 250px, 180px, or 120px), for whichever handheld device they use for viewing Wikipedia pages. Autosizing of images will also allow sight-impaired users, per WP:Access, to enlarge their default image-size (such as 300px) to perhaps see details more clearly.

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[ This essay is a quick draft to be expanded later. ]