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In meta-discussions about Wikipedia, avoid trivializing others' opinions by attributing the difference of opinion to others' character flaws, immorality, trolling, or other wanton bad faith. Instead, try to recognize the fundamental philosophical differences underlying the disagreement, accept the validity of opinions other than your own, and discuss the issue, not the participants.

  • In general, avoid making ad hominem arguments . (see No personal attacks and Civility)
  • In general, try hard to assume good faith. (see Assume good faith)
  • Remember, Wikipedia is not a Battleground. Whenever possible, discuss the issue, not the person.
  • Remember, if an editor DISCUSSES a view, that does not necessarily mean he subscribes to such a view. If an editor LINKS to a document, that does not necessarily mean that views expressed in that document reflect the opinions of the editors who posted the link.
  • Avoid implying guilt by association. Editors are responsible for their own actions, not the actions of others.
  • Avoid creating strawmen.