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Gossip magazines such as Confidential offer breathless reports about a range of celebrity body functions.

Some Wikipedia editors[A] often have a desire to put the latest, breaking wind news in articles. However, just because a piece of trivial information was printed in a newspaper or gossip magazine, or on a website, there is no requirement for it to be included on Wikipedia. Keep in mind: not every fart or burp is notable.

Magazines such as People and Us Weekly print information that interests readers that week regarding celebrities' purported dating activities, family disputes, and weight gain or loss. It's verifiable. That does not mean that Wikipedia needs to reproduce all of it. While there may be many articles in the space of a few days on a topic,[1][2][3] that does not mean it is of lasting significance.

Case studies


The Lohan paradox

Sometimes you just have to hold it in.

Q: If Lindsay Lohan farts in the forest, and a reporter is around to hear it, is it notable?

A: No. Because not every fart is notable. However some may be, depending on who or why.[4]

The Lohan paradox with a slice of Bieber


Q: If Ms. Lohan tweets about her fart in the forest, is it then notable?

A: No, and if Justin Bieber retweets about it, it still isn't.

The Zappa exception


Q: If Frank Zappa farted on a record, is that notable?

A: Yes. Everything Frank Zappa did on vinyl is notable.[citation needed]

The K-pop theorem


Q: If a K-pop artist's management agency announces via a portal (secretly owned by the holding company that also owns the artist's record company) that a teaser for a video accompanying the download-only version of a possible new single for the first full comeback may be released in the near future, should it be included in said K-pop artist's article?

A: No.

The Pimp president paradigm


Q: If the spouse of a United States presidential candidate (who happens to be a former president) poses with three fully clothed pornographic actresses, should it be included in either of their biographies?[5]

A: No, even though pimpin' ain't easy.

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