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Woodall Services
Woodall Services.jpg
Woodall services is located in South Yorkshire
Woodall services
Woodall services (South Yorkshire)
County: South Yorkshire
Road: M1
Coordinates: 53°18′55″N 1°16′53″W / 53.31520°N 1.28130°W / 53.31520; -1.28130Coordinates: 53°18′55″N 1°16′53″W / 53.31520°N 1.28130°W / 53.31520; -1.28130
Operator: Welcome Break
Date opened: 1968[1]
Website: Welcome Break

Woodall services is a motorway service station on the M1 motorway near Sheffield. It lies between junctions 30 and 31. It was opened in 1968 by Trust House Forte but was renamed Welcome Break after the takeover of the company. It takes its name from the nearby village of Woodall.

Woodall is also one of the few service stations to have a Burger King, KFC and a McDonald's. The Northbound side has a McDonald's (open 24 hours) and a KFC, with the Southbound side having a Burger King and a KFC. Both sides of the service station are linked by footbridge. The services are very close to the Derbyshire, East Midlands border, but it's still classed as Sheffield. Woodall is one of two Welcome Break services which have a McDonald's; the other one is Fleet in Hampshire

Access to Woodall services can be obtained using both the Northbound and Southbound carriageways.

The service station had in all 211 employees in 2008.[2]

The service station is one of fourteen for which large murals were commissioned from artist David Fisher in the 1990s, designed to reflect the local area and history.[3]

This service area has proven to be very popular with coaches heading North and South because of the excellent coach hosts there.


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