Yu Zhengxie

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Yu Zhengxie
other names
Yu Zhengxie.jpg
Yu Zhengxie in Portraits of Qing Dynasty Scholars (vol. 2, 1953; reprint ed., 2001)
Born 1775 (1775) (242 years ago)
Yi County, Anhui
Died 1840 (aged 64–65)
Jinling, Jiangsu
Nationality  China
Other names Courtesy name: Li Chu (理初)

Yu Zhengxie (1775–1840) was a Chinese male feminist[1] of the Qing Dynasty. He was a noted critic of foot binding, female infanticide, widow suicide, widow chastity,[2] and the double standard. A skilled philologist, Yü researched the history of language, which influenced his views on women. According to his interpretation, the Han historical texts supported an egalitarian view of marriage.


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