Bubble Up

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Bubble Up
Type Soft drink
Manufacturer The Dad's Root Beer Company LLC
Country of origin Sweet Valley Products Co. of Sandusky, Ohio.
Introduced 1919
Flavour Lemon-lime

Bubble Up is a lemon-lime soft drink brand created in 1919, by Sweet Valley Products Co. of Sandusky, Ohio. Bubble Up is manufactured by The Dad's Root Beer Company, LLC and owned by Hedinger Brands, LLC for the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and by Monarch Beverage Company of Atlanta for international markets (in particular Asia and Africa).


Bubble Up began in 1919 as a lemon-lime carbonated soft drink.[1] Originally owned by Sweet Valley Products of Sandusky, Ohio, Bubble Up was produced ten years prior to its well-known competitor, 7 Up. The first trademark registration was filed on August 13, 1919, with a registration date of April 14, 1921. Subsequently the brand was owned by the Bubble Up Company, Inc. of Chicago. With the tag line, “A kiss of Lemon, A kiss of Lime”, Bubble Up was distributed in the Coca-Cola bottler network prior to Sprite. The Monarch Company of Atlanta purchased Bubble Up in 1978. In 2007, Bubble Up was purchased from Monarch by Hedinger Brands, LLC for the U.S., Canada and Mexico and licensed to The Dad’s Root Beer Company, LLC. The Dad's Root Beer Company headquarters is located in Jasper, Indiana.


Famous for the advertising slogan - "kiss of lemon, kiss of lime". In the 1960s Bubble Up radio advertising used the catchy jingle (to a melody), "Sugar-free Bubble Up has a pizzazz, that is what Sugar-free Bubble Up has."

Popular Culture[edit]

  • A young actor David Caruso was featured in a 1980 Bubble Up television commercial.
  • Country singer Merle Haggard referenced Bubble Up in his 1981 hit song "Rainbow Stew."[2]
  • Singer and Actress Ariana Grande featured Bubble Up in the video for her cover of "Die in Your Arms."[3]
  • Jerry Lewis gets six bottles of Bubble Up when taking care of a gas station in the 1965 movie "The Family Jewels".
  • In the movie Oh, God staring John Denver, there is a six pack of Bubble Up on the refrigerator next to a six pack of Coke.


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