Choices Market

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Choices Markets
Industry Grocery store, Health food store
Founded 1990 (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Key people
Ishkander Ahmed, CEO, Wayne and Lloyd Lockhart, Founders
Products Food, Organic food

Choices Markets is a Vancouver-based supermarket chain that is focused on natural and organic food.

The chain has seven stores: six in Metro Vancouver,[1] including one rice bakery, and one location in Kelowna. Choices was founded in December 1990 by brothers Wayne and Lloyd Lockhart.[2] The owners emphasize that the store caters to a range of diets, including Gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. Lockhart cites this is a guiding principle for the chain: "It's all about providing choice.".[3]

The company has relied on various techniques aimed at increasing customer loyalty in order to compete with larger chains in the area, such as providing customers with loyalty cards[citation needed] and providing an in-house nutritionist to help advise customers.


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