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The ceremonial county of Essex, (which includes the unitary authorities of Southend-on-Sea and Thurrock) is divided into 18 Parliamentary constituencies - 6 Borough constituencies and 12 County constituencies.


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Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map
Basildon and Billericay BC 65,475 12,338   John Baron   Allan Davies
Braintree CC 65,616 16,121   Brooks Newmark   Bill Edwards
Brentwood and Ongar CC 68,099 16,921   Eric Pickles   David Kendall
Castle Point BC 68,065 7,632   Rebecca Harris   Bob Spink
Chelmsford BC 72,835 5,110   Simon Burns   Stephen Robinson
Clacton CC 69,118 12,404   Douglas Carswell   Giles Watling
Colchester BC 70,933 6,982   Bob Russell   Will Quince
Epping Forest CC 70,441 15,131   Eleanor Laing   Ann Haigh
Harlow CC 67,232 4,925   Robert Halfon   Bill Rammell
Harwich and North Essex CC 67,715 11,447   Bernard Jenkin   James Raven
Maldon CC 65,899 19,407   John Whittingdale   Elfreda Tealby-Watson
Rayleigh and Wickford CC 71,975 22,338   Mark Francois   Susan Gaszczak
Rochford and Southend East CC 69,904 11,050   James Duddridge   Kevin Bonavia
Saffron Walden CC 70,402 15,242   Sir Alan Haselhurst   Peter Wilcock
South Basildon and East Thurrock CC 71,425 5,772   Stephen Metcalfe   Angela Smith
Southend West BC 66,508 7,270   David Amess   Peter Welch
Thurrock BC 71,067 92   Jackie Doyle-Price   Carl Morris
Witham CC 63,839 15,196   Priti Patel   Margaret Phelps

Boundary changes[edit]

Constituency name Map
  1. Basildon and Billericay BC
  2. Braintree CC
  3. Brentwood and Ongar CC
  4. Castle Point BC
  5. Chelmsford BC
  6. Clacton CC
  7. Colchester BC
  8. Epping Forest CC
  9. Harlow CC
  10. Harwich and North Essex CC
  11. Maldon CC
  12. Rayleigh and Wickford CC
  13. Rochford and Southend East CC
  14. Saffron Walden CC
  15. South Basildon and East Thurrock CC
  16. Southend West BC
  17. Thurrock BC
  18. Witham CC
Proposed Revised constituencies in Essex

List of Constituencies in 1983–1997[edit]

List of Constituencies in 1974–1983[edit]

List of Constituencies in 1955–1974[edit]

In present day Greater London[edit]


2005 2010
EssexParliamentaryConstituency2005Results.svg EssexParliamentaryConstituency2010Results.svg

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  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.