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This article lists the main political parties in Iran.

After the banning of the last two Opposition parties in 1983, parties and candidates usually have operated in loose alignments within two main coalitions, the conservative (osool-garayan) and the reformist (eslah-talaban) both of them coming from the former single-party Islamic Republic Party. Since 2009, only the conservatives have been allowed to participate and prominent reformist parties have been banned and their members jailed.

Main parties authorized inside Iran[edit]

Only Islamist parties can legally operate inside Iran, with the exception of the Executives of Construction Party.

Main parties banned but tolerated inside Iran[edit]

These parties are banned as they are accused to be spies, but their members have not been killed. They are allowed to stand in elections although with heavy restrictions.

Main parties banned and persecuted in Iran (operating covertly inside Iran)[edit]

These parties are banned as they are accused to be spies and work against Islam, and their members have been killed in large numbers.

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