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Outerra s.r.o[1]
Type Private
Industry Information Technology
Founded 2010
Headquarters Bratislava, Slovakia
Website outerra.com

Outerra is a Slovakian computer software company best known for its unreleased middleware 3D planetary graphics engine, called Outerra engine, in development since 2008.[2] The engine renders high-quality terrain, terrain texturing, flora and water flow normal maps using relatively sparse and highly compressed data through fractal processing and calculations.


An example of how Outerra relies on fractal calculations for terrain rendering.
  • Fractal refinement of preexisting terrain data.[3]
  • Support of vector-based data, such as roads.
  • Seamless transitioning from outer space to planet surface.
  • Chromium browser integration.
  • Land vehicle physics and JSBSim flight dynamics model library for aircraft physics.
  • Unlimited visibility.


The engine has issues with its OpenGL renderer on computers with ATI graphics cards.[4] As of March 2012 these are mostly resolved.


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