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Flare3D Logo.jpg
Operating system Web, Windows, iOS, Android, BlackBerry
Type Content creation system
License Proprietary
Website http://www.flare3d.com/

Flare3D is a freeware content creation platform and 3D engine for creating interactive 3D scenes for Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR, that uses Stage3D for GPU-accelerated rendering.[1][2][3] Flare3D is also one of the first programs to make 3D applications practical for web browsers.[4][5][6]

Design and Usage[edit]

Flare3D also has multiplayer capabilities and can interface with 3DS Max and Action Script 3.0 as well as publish games without utilizing a plugin.[7] The engine also has support for Mixamo.[8]

The engine also has online help including a Wiki[9] and forums with tutorials, examples, and documentation.[10]

List of Games[edit]

Flare3D is used in a number of commercial games.[11][12]

  • CityVille 2 (2012)
  • FarmVille 2 (2012)
  • Lego HEROICA Fortraan
  • Lego Monster Fighters
  • Yellow Planet
  • Lightstorm


Further reading[edit]

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