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Republican Party of Guam
Chairperson Michael "Mike" Benito[1]
Executive Director Joe Duenas[1]
Treasurer Evelyn Casil[2]
National Committeeman David Sablan[1]
National Committeewoman Margaret Glover McDonald Metcalfe
Founded 1966
Preceded by Territorial Party
Headquarters P.O. Box 2846, Hagåtña, Guam 96932[3]
Ideology Conservatism
Fiscal conservatism
Social conservatism
National affiliation Republican Party
Colors      Red
Territorial Legislature
6 / 15
Villages held by Republican Mayors
12 / 19
Politics of Guam
Political parties

The Republican Party of Guam is a political party in Guam affiliated with the United States Republican Party.

In the 2012 General Election, Republican Party candidates won 6 out of 15 seats in the Guam Legislature.

The Republican Party currently controls the governorship of Guam is Eddie Calvo as governor.The party focuses on tax refunds for the working class, education, job growth, and improving the military.


The Republican Party of Guam stems from the old Territorial Party of Guam, which existed from 1956 through 1968. The Territorial Party, was established in 1956, by discontented former Popular Party members including Frank D. Perez, Pedro Leon Guerrero, Edward T. Calvo, Cynthia Torres, B.J. Bordallo, Vicente Reyes, Felix Carbullido, and Antonio Duenas. The Territorial Party had only one successful election, in 1964, when it won a majority in the Guam Legislature with 13 thirteen of the 21 twenty-one seats.

This changed during the 1966 election, when the Territorials lost all twenty-one seats to the Democrats. The Territorials’ demise came after they blocked a popular urban renewal plan, which was supported by the Democrats, as the Territorials backed private investment. The Territorial Party dissolved soon after.

On November 21, 1966, a few weeks after the general election of that year, former Governor Joseph Flores, along with former Territorial senators Carlos Garcia Camacho, Kurt S. Moylan, and Vicente C. Reyes, officially formed the Republican Party of Guam. Other Territorials soon became active, including Senators G. Ricardo Salas and Frank D. Perez. The new Republicans were careful not to portray their new party as a criticism of the Territorial Party, whose members they hoped to attract.

Republican Members of the Guam Legislature[edit]

Senator V. Anthony Ada, Minority Leader
Senator Christopher M. Duenas, Assistant Minority Leader
Senator Aline A. Yamashita
Senator Brant McCreadie
Senator Michael Limtiaco
Senator Thomas "Tommy" Morrison

The 2012 General Election saw the defeat of two incumbent Republican Senators, but their seats were taken by newcomer Senator Michael Limtiaco, another newcomer Brant McCreadie, and Thomas "Tommy" Morrison, the son of former Umatac mayor Cecilia Quinata Morrison.

Repbulican Mayors and Vice Mayors of Guam[edit]

Name[5] Municipality
Mayor Paul M. McDonald Agana Heights
Mayor Carol S. Tayama Agat
Vice Mayor Agustin G. Quintanilla Agat
Mayor Joana Margaret C. Blas Asan-Maina
Mayor John A. Cruz Hagatna
Mayor Nonito "Nito" C. Blas Mangilao
Vice Mayor Allan "Al" R.G. Ungacta Mangilao
Mayor Ernest T. Chargualaf Merizo
Mayor Andrew C. Villagomez Mongmong-Toto-Maite
Mayor Vicente "Ben" D. Gumataotao Piti
Mayor Louise C. Rivera Tamuning-Tumon
Vice Mayor Kenneth C. Santos Tamuning
Mayor Johnny A. Quinata Umatac
Mayor Rudy M. Matanane Yigo
Vice Mayor Anthony "Tony" P. Sanchez Yigo
Mayor Ken Joe M. Ada Yona

State Officers[edit]

Name Position
Michael "Mike" Benito Chairman
Evelyn Casil Treasurer
David Sablan National Committeeman
Margaret Metcalfe National Committeewoman
Jose "Joe" Duenas Executive Director

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