1872 Republican National Convention

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1872 Republican National Convention
1872 Presidential Election
Ulysses Grant 1870-1880.jpg Henry Wilson, VP of the United States.jpg
Grant and Wilson
Date(s) June 5-June 6
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Venue Academy of Music
Presidential nominee Ulysses S. Grant of Illinois
Vice Presidential nominee Henry Wilson of Massachusetts
1868  ·  1876

At the 1872 Republican National Convention the Republicans nominated President Ulysses S. Grant for reelection, but nominated Senator Henry Wilson of Massachusetts for Vice President, instead of the incumbent Schuyler Colfax. Others, who had grown weary of the corruption of the Grant administration, bolted to form the Liberal Republican Party, which nominated Horace Greeley. The Democrats nominated Greeley as well, on a fusion ticket. Grant and Wilson won the election of 1872.

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