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In 2011.
In 1989.

The Universiade is an international multi-sport event, organized for university athletes by the International University Sports Federation (FISU). The name is a combination of the words "University" and "olympiad". The Universiade is often referred to in English as the World University Games or World Student Games; however, this latter term can also refer to competitions for sub-University grades students, as well.

International University Games[edit]

There were such venues:[1]

World Student Games (UIE)[edit]

The first official World Student Games were organised in 1924 and were held under the auspices of the Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU) from 1949. An alternative event was organised by the Union Internationale des Étudiants (UIE) from 1947–1962, including one unofficial Games in 1954.


Universiade hosts[edit]

The table below gives an overview of all host cities of both the Summer and Winter Universiades. Only actual host cities are listed.

Year Games Summer Universiade Games Winter Universiade
1959 I Turin,  Italy
1960 I Chamonix,  France
1961 II Sofia,  Bulgaria
1962 II Villars,   Switzerland
1963 III Porto Alegre,  Brazil
1964 III Špindlerův Mlýn,  Czechoslovakia
1965 IV Budapest,  Hungary
1966 IV Sestriere,  Italy
1967 V Tokyo,  Japan
1968 V Innsbruck,  Austria
1970 VI Turin,  Italy VI Rovaniemi,  Finland
1972 VII Lake Placid,  United States
1973 VII Moscow,  Soviet Union
1975 VIII Rome,  Italy VIII Livigno,  Italy
1977 IX Sofia,  Bulgaria
1978 IX Špindlerův Mlýn,  Czechoslovakia
1979 X Mexico City,  Mexico
1981 XI Bucharest,  Romania X Jaca,  Spain
1983 XII Edmonton, Alberta,  Canada XI Sofia,  Bulgaria
1985 XIII Kobe,  Japan XII Belluno,  Italy
1987 XIV Zagreb,  Yugoslavia XIII Štrbské Pleso,  Czechoslovakia
1989 XV Duisburg,  West Germany XIV Sofia,  Bulgaria
1991 XVI Sheffield,  United Kingdom XV Sapporo,  Japan
1993 XVII Buffalo,  United States XVI Zakopane,  Poland
1995 XVIII Fukuoka,  Japan XVII Jaca,  Spain
1997 XIX Sicily,  Italy XVIII Muju / Jeonju,  South Korea
1999 XX Palma de Mallorca,  Spain XIX Poprad / Tatry,  Slovakia
2001 XXI Beijing,  China XX Zakopane,  Poland
2003 XXII Daegu,  South Korea XXI Tarvisio,  Italy
2005 XXIII Izmir,  Turkey XXII Innsbruck,  Austria
2007 XXIV Bangkok,  Thailand XXIII Turin,  Italy
2009 XXV Belgrade,  Serbia XXIV Harbin,  China
2011 XXVI Shenzhen,  China XXV Erzurum,  Turkey
2013 XXVII Kazan,  Russia XXVI Trentino,  Italy1
2015 XXVIII Gwangju,  South Korea XXVII Granada,  Spain
2017 XXIX Taipei,  Republic of China2 XXVIII Almaty,  Kazakhstan
2019 XXX Brasília,  Brazil XXIX Krasnoyarsk,  Russia

1 Due to financial problems, Maribor, Slovenia, has withdrawn as a host.

2 Republic of China, commonly known as Taiwan, due to complicated relations with People's Republic of China, is recognized by the name Chinese Taipei by the FISU and the majority of international organizations.

Medal table[edit]

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 United States 454 389 352 1195
2 Soviet Union 409 329 253 991
3 China 380 259 228 867
4 Russia 357 276 297 930
5 Japan 259 263 335 857
6 Italy 160 175 209 544
7 Ukraine 152 152 151 455
8 South Korea 150 140 159 439
9 Romania 144 122 137 403
10 Hungary 103 85 98 286


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